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Stunning Cape Town & Private Kruger Safari

14-21 August; 21-28 August; 28 Aug-04 Sept 2024 1750 Euro per person

Hit the Sky, Tyrol Alps, Austria

Enjoy a wonderfully refreshing 7 night Summer getaway family vacation, with gourmet kosher cuisine, stunning vistas, exciting tours and outstanding personal service in the comfort of the Tyrol Alps, Austria

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rich jewish spain tour
9-17 September 2024 $4900 per person

Rich Jewish Spain Heritage

This captivating journey will take you through the rich Jewish heritage sights across Spain on the rich Jewish Spain Tour. We will explore Girona, Besalu,

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Jewish Trips to Portugal
17-24 September 2024 $4400 per person

Discover Portugal Jewish Heritage

We invite you to the Jewish Trips to Portugal. On this tour, we wil learn more about the Sephardic Jewish heritage in Portugal, visiting different

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Summer at the Dolomites
1 April- 1 October $2800 per person

Summer at the Dolomites, Italian Alps

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Summer in the Dolomites, recently nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the fully kosher 4-star My One Hotel.

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Fascinating Japan
04-13 November 2024; 05-14 May 2025 & 19-28 May 2025 including The World Expo, Osaka $5600 per person

Fascinating Japan

Explore a culture steeped in constant contrast including ancient temples nestled alongside modern skyscrapers and samurai castles scattered throughout bustling cities.

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The Golden Triangle
18-28 Nov 2024 $3950 per person

India The Golden Triangle

Discover the wonders of India’s Golden Triangle region along with its rich Jewish history. Your trip to India is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime.

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05-09 January 2025 $2950 per person

Authentic Havana Tour, Cuba

Experience Havana, Cuba and discover for yourself why this enigmatic Caribbean island creates such a compelling narrative.

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1 May - 31 December 2024 From $6000 per person

Iconic Victoria Falls & Private Zambian Safari

Victoria Falls, located along Zambia’s southern border, is a stunning natural wonder on the Zambezi River. Its immense size, thunderous sound, and misty atmosphere create an unforgettable experience for visitors worldwide.

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Jewish Panama tour
13-21 January 2025 $5500 per person

Treasures of Panama – Yeshiva Week

Explore the vibrant fusion of cultures on a Jewish Panama tour. From cosmopolitan hubs to untamed rainforests, discover the blend of old and new in Panama’s diverse landscapes.


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1 May - 31 December 2024 $5700 per person

Stunning Cape Town & Private Kruger Safari

Embark on a transformative journey through South Africa’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, where untamed landscapes promise an unforgettable adventure and the experience of a lifetime awaits.

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