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Discover the wonders of Africa with our luxury kosher tours.
Experience unforgettable safaris, curated trips to Morocco, Tanzania and Southern Africa.
Enjoy organized adventures, wildlife encounters, and stays at top kosher hotels in stunning destinations.
Embark on a journey of adventure and luxury with our carefully crafted kosher vacation packages.

, Africa
1 May - 31 December 2024 From $6000 per person

Iconic Victoria Falls & Private Zambian Safari

Victoria Falls, located along Zambia’s southern border, is a stunning natural wonder on the Zambezi River. Its immense size, thunderous sound, and misty atmosphere create an unforgettable experience for visitors worldwide.

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, Africa
1 May - 31 December 2024 $5700 per person

Stunning Cape Town & Private Kruger Safari

Embark on a transformative journey through South Africa’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, where untamed landscapes promise an unforgettable adventure and the experience of a lifetime awaits.

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