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Deluxe Ocean & River Cruises

From coral reefs to majestic glaciers, we offer exceptional luxury cruise experiences to the savvy Kosher Traveler. All cruises include gourmet kosher meals, daily tefillot, plenty of evening entertainment, and fabulous shore excursion opportunities that will create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Want to sail the world's Blue Oceans in style? Cruise the Medditeranean Capitals, Norweigian Fjords, Canary Islands, British isles, Australia & New Zealand whilst enjoying top-notch entertainment and freshly prepared Mehadrin Meals to feast on?

Journey through Europe, Americas, Asia or South America on Kosher Travelers luxury kosher Ocean or River cruises and explore majestic scenery without worrying about meal preparation or vacation planning? At Kosher Travelers, we’ve planned the deluxe kosher cruises you’ve been dreaming about at prices you have never thought possible.

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