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With Kosher Travelers you can expect personalized service, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unparalleled comfort, and delectable meals to stimulate your senses and fuel your adventures. Whether you dream of a luxury kosher cruise, Pesach with the entire family, or a bucket-list of destinations or African safari, we’ve got what you’re looking for – and more! Our guests will testify….read on…


“The hosts David and Chana Walles are simply fabulous people”; “The atmosphere and the people on the program were so special”; “The food is phenomenal”; These are all commonly heard sentiments from guests after a tour, program, or cruise with Kosher Travelers.

Rivki Mark

Thank u to David and Chana , David and Bonnie , Rabbi and Ruchama Muskin , Rabbi and Jordana Topp…. It was truly an awesome trip to Dubai April 2023 and we met wonderful people . Everyone was so warm and friendly and we truly enjoyed meeting u all . Looking forward to seeing u all In Yerushalayim eyr hakodesh

Eli Abt

Many thanks, Dina. After the loss of my beloved wife Muriel Z’L last year I confess I was dreading my first Seder and Pesach in 63 years without her by my side. However once the position became clear, Rabbi David Lapin and Gilda Posner and their respective families lost no opportunity of involving us with them and with other guests, as well as in the program generally. It is thanks to them that we enjoyed the Chag more than we had ever hoped for, and I shall be most grateful if you will convey my heartfelt thanks and that of my son and granddaughter to them for their empathy. As to the program itself, I am happy to have been able to contribute something to its content and hope, IY’H, to be able to do so again in the future. Kind regards and Shabbat Shalom

Sue & Alfred and the entire Birnbaum, Newman and Shebson families, London

David & Chana, Shelley, Yossi, Dina, Ariel and all at Team Kosher Travelers! As we approach our first Shabbos after Rhodes, our nearly 30 BA’H family members are looking around for our monster table on the PR level and can’t quite understand why the spread of delicacies isn’t quite what it was this time last week. Or the week before… It’s therefore an appropriate time to thank you all for the most positive, relaxing, fun filled and meaningful holiday we have ever experienced as a family. From start to finish, it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you all. The logistics of our booking were not the easiest and, throughout, you helped find solutions that made things work. We were overwhelmed when we arrived and equally overwhelmed when we reluctantly left! The attention to detail was unparalleled throughout; the location was beautiful and the class with which you all operated was something hugely impressive. We chose Pesach to celebrate a momentous occasion in Sue & Alfred’s lives and you helped us fulfil that celebration in style and love. And for that and a fabulous 12 days and nights, we will be forever grateful to you all. Keep doing what you do and with the usual smiles on your faces; it is a unique and superb example to your industry. Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and with love and thanks always 

Mimi Samter

David and Chana, Thank you again for an incredible program and meaningful Pesach. I truly appreciate your kindness in inviting me to join you and your family for Shabbat meals. It was fun! I would love to continue our marketing conversation. I am happy to speak to any person to tell them how wonderful the program was and help in any way with Guest Relations (I can handle tough personalities with ease 🙂  Both of your passion and understanding/expertise in this business is evident.  You took care of every detail and it showed. It made a huge impact on the my family’s chag.   Thank you again. Shabbat Shalom. All the best,

Carmela & Jack Rosenbaum

I was also at Kosher Travelers in Rhodes. Great program. David and Chana Walles came over to each of us personally and introduced themselves on first day- they were extremely welcoming and accommodating. Food great and plentiful. Staff amazing. Good camp and entertainment. Beautiful hotel with nice grounds and stunning trails in the area. Very well organized luxury program. I would definitely book with Kosher Travelers again.

Simmy and Effie Sonstein

On behalf of Effie and myself and Chaim and Leslie and family and Yaakov and Shanna and family— many many thanks for a beautiful Yom Tov! You truly are an amazing host and hostess!  You care about your guests’ experience and we felt your warmth and genuine concern the entire time! You are not afraid of feedback–which shows how committed you are to providing the ultimate Yom Tov! We had a fantastic time!   It is depressing to read about how many programs run out of food, matzah, had too many guests, and a variety of other complaints.  Kudos to you for making sure we were not lacking anything!! We never felt like there wouldn’t be enough–the tea room was constantly being refilled–the food in the dining room was constantly being refilled–the desserts were over the top delicious and plentiful– there was matzah–there was everything we needed for the seder!  There were so many delicious dishes and meats and salads and fish! This takes a lot of work and organization and planning to get everything you need to the hotel and more! We thank you for that!   We even had omelets the day we left–this is the gold standard!! We save all year for this treat and to take the kids for an incredible vacation and you made it superb! The hotel staff could not have been nicer—they did an amazing job keeping the hotel pristine!   Yashar Koach for arranging such a fabulous Pesach and letting us stay for an incredible bonus Shabbos!  The icing on the cake! Wishing you both Hatzlachah Rabbah and may Hashem shower you with tons of brachos and nachas!

Marcus Aviksis

First time traveling with Kosher Travelers. We went to Rhodes Greece for Passover this year. Everything was amazing. The best kosher Passover program. The KT team was amazing. The food the entertainment was awesome. They really worked so hard to make sure all the guests were happy. Thank you KT team for one of the best Passover vacation. See you again soon

Leah Willman, London

Dear Chana and DavidAfter a smooth flight, we finally arrived home a little more than an hour ago, and with the first wash on and takeaway pizza eaten, I wanted to thank you – on behalf of all of the Willmans – for a wonderful Pesach with Kosher Travelers in Rhodes. We had such an incredible time with you. The location, food, programme and your team were all amazing and we wanted for nothing during our entire stay.We look forward to the opportunity to join you again in the future – perhaps Dubai one day!For now, I hope you are able to get some well-deserved rest.With best wishes

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