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David & Chana, Shelley, Yossi, Dina, Ariel and all at Team Kosher Travelers!

As we approach our first Shabbos after Rhodes, our nearly 30 BA’H family members are looking around for our monster table on the PR level and can’t quite understand why the spread of delicacies isn’t quite what it was this time last week. Or the week before…

It’s therefore an appropriate time to thank you all for the most positive, relaxing, fun filled and meaningful holiday we have ever experienced as a family.

From start to finish, it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you all. The logistics of our booking were not the easiest and, throughout, you helped find solutions that made things work.

We were overwhelmed when we arrived and equally overwhelmed when we reluctantly left! The attention to detail was unparalleled throughout; the location was beautiful and the class with which you all operated was something hugely impressive.

We chose Pesach to celebrate a momentous occasion in Sue & Alfred’s lives and you helped us fulfil that celebration in style and love. And for that and a fabulous 12 days and nights, we will be forever grateful to you all.

Keep doing what you do and with the usual smiles on your faces; it is a unique and superb example to your industry.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and with love and thanks always 

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