Janet and Harvey Grossbard – Neve Ilan

We had a wonderful time at the Neve Ilan Pesach program in 2019. They had a lovely open lobby. The hotel is nestled in the hills of Jerusalem. There were beautiful views and nice hikes in the area. The food was abundant and the kitchen staff was very eager to help with any special dietary… Read more “Janet and Harvey Grossbard – Neve Ilan”

Janet and Harvey Grossbard

Yosef A

We can’t stop talking about and reminiscing about our Pesach vacation at Nof Ginosar with Kosher Travelers. It was the perfect family retreat, everyone had something to do while we were all together. Kids had the run of the world in this beautiful pastoral setting,( not to mention the gorgeous pictures that were facilitated by… Read more “Yosef A”

Adina and David Shyovitz (Evanston, IL)

We had the most wonderful time at Hacienda over Pesach 2019. The people, the programming, and the accommodations were amazing and everything we had hoped for. Our kids loved meeting new friends and participating in fun activities, and we all enjoyed the delicious food and the beautiful grounds of the hotel. Although we felt completely… Read more “Adina and David Shyovitz (Evanston, IL)”

Adina and David Shyovitz

Donni and Devorah Billauer

We have been going to the Hacienda Forest-view Hotel with Kosher Travelers for the past 6 years. It is the perfect place for a family getaway. The central lawn, which allows for parents to keep an eye out for even the youngest of kids, provides a great space to run free, including during meal times,… Read more “Donni and Devorah Billauer”

Donni and Devorah Billauer

Sharon Faith

We enjoyed the tour to China very much . We saw everything we wanted to see and the itinerary was very well planned and executed .
Btw we really appreciated the transfer to the airport on the last day . We would be happy to recommend your company Many thanks

Sharon Faith

Tali Orenstein, LONDON

To David & Chana, Thank you for an amazing Sukkot program at The Dan Caesarea Hotel.
We hope to see you on next Pesach.
Lots of Love

Tali Orenstein, LONDON

Bonnie A. Weinberg, Nof Ayalon, ISRAEL

This week’s JPOST article “Celebrity style on the Baltic seas” (September 25) struck a familiar chord, since we too have recently returned from a pampering Mediterranean cruise. However, we sailed on a cruise operated by Kosher Travelers, with gourmet kosher cuisine, alongside daily prayer minyanim and shiurim, a proper Shabbat atmosphere, and excursions on shore with outstanding… Read more “Bonnie A. Weinberg, Nof Ayalon, ISRAEL”

Bonnie A. Weinberg, Nof Ayalon, ISRAEL

Bev Rockman, Modiin

I hope you are taking a well deserved rest after a busy time leading up to Pesach and then during the Chag as well. I want to thank you for the wonderful way in which you accommodated myself and my family. You certainly looked after us very nicely, both with regard to our rooms as well… Read more “Bev Rockman, Modiin”

Bev Rockman

Dorothy and Menachem Khoen Melbourne, Australia

Firstly I would like to say how lovely it was to see you both after many years, and how proud I was to see how you managed a group of grumpy “alte katchkes” like us. You are both fine responsible adults who are truly working in an industry which I am sure is difficult and… Read more “Dorothy and Menachem Khoen Melbourne, Australia”

Dorothy and Menachem Khoen Melbourne

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