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With Kosher Travelers you can expect personalized service, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unparalleled comfort, and delectable meals to stimulate your senses and fuel your adventures. Whether you dream of a luxury kosher cruise, Pesach with the entire family, or a bucket-list of destinations or African safari, we’ve got what you’re looking for – and more! Our guests will testify….read on…


“The hosts David and Chana Walles are simply fabulous people”; “The atmosphere and the people on the program were so special”; “The food is phenomenal”; These are all commonly heard sentiments from guests after a tour, program, or cruise with Kosher Travelers.


Dear Chana, I want to thank you and David and your kids, for the amazing opportunity to spend Pesach in Rhodes with you in Gan Eden on earth🙂. Everything was perfect! You thought about the tiniest details, I was really impressed. The whole plan of that week was interesting, entertaining and in the highest level . The food was unbelievable. You are amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Shabbat shalom, Efrat

Yael & Chaim Woolf

Thnku thnku!!! We are still on a high…: We have just landed back home and are so thankful for an incredible, magical week. We feel so blessed to have spent pesach with our family, having memories that we will treasure and being in Greece was just a dream!Just a few highlights: the boys snorkeling 🤿, the chazzanut, the inspiring shiurim, the tish after dinner, the dancing, the Solomon brothers, the food, touring the island, the view from our balcony, the kiddush’s (the sushi!!), happy hour by the beach and the endless latte’s and hot chocolate’s and being together friends and family!Thankyou for such incredible memories!! Shabbat shalom, Chaim, Yael, Asher, Naomi, Adam and Noa Woolf

Judy & Ami Elkus

Hi David and Chana. I don’t underestimate the huge (understatement!) amount of work that goes into making sure things look smooth on the surface of an event like this. You are both consummate pros and we have huge respect for your professionalism. Your kids are a true credit to you, especially Ariel who we dealt with the most. He has inherited your calm veneer and can-do approach to any challenge thrown his way. Nothing flusters him – he is polite and charming at all times, and his calm is contagious, even when challenges do inevitably pop up. Thank you for making Pesach so special for mum and our family. We made beautiful, precious memories together, which we will look back on for years to come.Shabat shalom to you all back in Rhodes. ❤️

Robert & Malka Freidlander

Dear David and Chana The experience in the Danube tour was very good.HAwai 5 star program was unforgettable and first opportunity to cover all places with kosher meals.This Pesach in Rhodes you superated yourselves in every aspect.The resident scholars left a positive mark on the entire group and all without exeption were aprochable for personal contact .The food and respective kidush and beverage selection aside having gourmet status,which is a great challenge considering the size of the crowd,had daily inovation for satisfaction of the most finicky elements (myself included)Rooms and service were beyond reproach. The Baal tefilos and the duration of the davenen was uplifting without separate concert

Gail and Dovi Paritsky

David, Chana, Shelley and the whole staff. I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you.  The Pesach program in Rhodes was superb, outstanding, perfect without a glitch. Your responsiveness was incredible and attention to detail unparalleled. You spared no costs in pleasing everyone and went above and beyond.  Thank you for an inpeccable experience. I can’t say enough good.  Many thanks,

Heather Hackett

THANK YOU! The learning opportunities were incredible. My heart and mind is filled with deep Torah and I am grateful. Thank you for sharing insights and learning tools with us Rabbi Fohrman, Imu, Reena and Davina. All sessions were so impactful! Such a fabulous experience! Thank you David and Chana & the Kosher Travelers team especially your boys! Shabbat Shalom from the Hackett Family. Nashville Tennessee Hawaii Dec 2022

Rosette & Baruch Solnica

We had a very good time in Dubai for Chanuka 2023. The people in the group were great and and David and Chana were very efficient and friendly. Everything ran smoothly. The food was plentiful and very tasty. We stayed in a nice hotel and appreciate the good service. We would certainly highly recommend this tour and look forward to joining future trips Rosette & Baruch Solnica

Tziporah & Eric Thall

Dear David and Chana, Eric and I wanted to thank you for running a wonderful Chanuka 2022 trip to Dubai. This is the first time that we have joined an organized tour and can say that we were really amazed with how seamless it was. From the initial contact to the final goodbye everything was easy and pleasant. All we had to do was show up and things were taken care of for us. We did not have to plan any meals, any hotel arrangements or worry about where to catch a minyan or light chanukah candles. Throughout the trip David and Chana were accessible, friendly and very well organized. We love being on time and were really astounded that David was somehow able to make sure that the time we were scheduled to leave actually happened. The fact that the trip was so well organized allowed us to have a jam packed day every day and left us simultaneously exhausted and energized for the next day. We loved the diversity of the group and enjoyed the culture of inclusivity that David and Chana created. We were able to join together with Jews at various religious levels from all over the world. The food was not just good-it was great! The daily trips were fun, informative and educational. We look forward to joining you again in the future! Tziporah and Eric, Chicago

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