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Guest Testimonials

With Kosher Travelers you can expect personalized service, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unparalleled comfort, and delectable meals to stimulate your senses and fuel your adventures. Whether you dream of a luxury kosher cruise, Pesach with the entire family, or a bucket-list of destinations or African safari, we’ve got what you’re looking for – and more! Our guests will testify….read on…


“The hosts David and Chana Walles are simply fabulous people”; “The atmosphere and the people on the program were so special”; “The food is phenomenal”; These are all commonly heard sentiments from guests after a tour, program, or cruise with Kosher Travelers.

Rabbi Hershie & Rookie Billet

ICELAND TOUR AUGUST 2022 I would like to say how delighted Rookie and I were to be on this trip with a group of intelligent and delightful people. We are all different. But unity in diversity is an important principle for Rookie and myself. This was a great group of people led by a wonderful guide. Besides seeing מעשה בראשית  in such a graphic way. Everyone added to the pleasure of the experience. The food was great. All of our new friends added character and each made their special contribution to our digestive systems and our brains.  We also feel that Kosher Travelers (the Walles clan) promised and delivered a full program for nine 1/2 days. And there was wisdom in the way they did it. Flying instead of driving gave us two full extra days of the experience. שנזכה כולנו לשנים רבות נעימות וטובות. May this coming year be a שנת חיים ושלום Rabbi Hershie & Rookie Billet, Jerusalem 

Zevy & Rivky Silberstein

To my dear India friends,I can’t believe our vacation is over, we had an amazing time and enjoyed every min of it! Thanks so much to kosher Travelers for putting together this wonderful group. The itinerary and all the support staff were truly superb!Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the tour. Zevy and Rivky Silberstein India January 2023

Esti Snukal

We had such a wonderful trip in Chanuka Dubai Tour 2022 with Chana and David Walles and their fabulous Dubai tour group. From comfortable and timely transportation, to the delicious buffet banquet meals and great group energy, it really is clear why so many people choose to vacation with Kosher Travelers. Thank you once again to Chana and David for making our Chanukah in Dubai so special! Looking forward to our next Kosher Travelers adventure!Esti SnukalIsrael

Gary & Michelle Perl

David & Chana, It took us 47 year to finally make it to Hawaii. Over the years we thankfully had parents and children to care for and job commitments. Thank G-d we found Kosher Travelers who arranged this wonderful trip to Hawaii, so seamlessly. Many times we wanted to go to Hawaii and after 47 years we finally got here. It was absolutely magnificent.Thank you David, Chana your dear boys Yona and Netanel for the greatest experience. special mention to chef Raphy Solomon for the delicious meals. We would never have arranged all these logistics on our own. What a fantastic experience, it was truly inspirational and meaningful. We also made some new friends. We cannot thank you enough for this trip of a lifetime we highly recommend Kosher Travelers.Gary and Michelle Perl , New YorkHawaii December 2022

Nadine Saacks, Sydney

Thank you each and everyone of you for making this India January Tour trip extraordinary. Each one played such a beautiful part and you will all stay in my heart. Thank you David for organising such an incredible trip. It was such perfect and Yona was brilliant. So kind and made sure we were all ok. Lea was exceptional in his knowledge and his advice. Prem was in his quiet was amazing and so helpful. The driver and assistant so lovely. The food was yummy and the accommodation was first class. Thank you all for your friendship and making this experience extra special. Till our paths meet again x x x India Jan 2023

Johnny & Phyllis Krug

Dear David; I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazingly wonderful India tour. Your ability to weave together a trip of eye-opening interest, educational intrigue and  adventurous expedition is unique and distinctive. Your attention to detail, administrative and organizational prowess and logistical coordination made the excursion as flawless as it was fabulous. Your vigilance and professionalism are greatly appreciated and graciously accepted.  We hope to, once again, join you in the future for yet another Kosher Travelers exploit. Johnny Krug, India Jan 2023

Michael Sternberg, Cape Town

Dear David and Chana, I want to thank you both for orchestrating a totally amazing and completely successful Pesach prog at the Elysium , Rhodes. We both felt highly motivated, involved and made many new friends. I was analyzing why the  8 days was such an outrageous success and the following 5 points came to mind : So, all in all, a wonderful and unique experience and clearly a model you’ve created  which has been positively accepted and PG will grow from strength to strength  in the years to come. Shabbat shalom and oncemore, toda raba from Leora and I. Kind regards, Michael Sternberg

Scott Ferber

Hi Kosher Travelers, I just wanted to rave about Gilda Posner and how awesome she was on the Pesach 2023 Nof Ginosar trip. We came to Nof Ginosar in the middle of Pesach during Chol Hamoed and Gilda immediately sought us out from the hundreds of folks there to make sure that my son and I were settled. She provided invaluable information on what to do given our unique situation and kept following up with us during the entire time, every day, to make sure we were having a good time and were taken care of. She helped us with ideas to do during the day, made sure we had Kosher for Passover food on the 8th day as we are Americans and celebrate 8 days of Pesach, and was just a joy to talk to and be around. You are lucky to have found her. She made a huge difference on our trip. Chag Sameach,

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