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Hi Kosher Travelers,

I just wanted to rave about Gilda Posner and how awesome she was on the Pesach 2023 Nof Ginosar trip. We came to Nof Ginosar in the middle of Pesach during Chol Hamoed and Gilda immediately sought us out from the hundreds of folks there to make sure that my son and I were settled. She provided invaluable information on what to do given our unique situation and kept following up with us during the entire time, every day, to make sure we were having a good time and were taken care of. She helped us with ideas to do during the day, made sure we had Kosher for Passover food on the 8th day as we are Americans and celebrate 8 days of Pesach, and was just a joy to talk to and be around. You are lucky to have found her. She made a huge difference on our trip.

Chag Sameach,

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