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Dear David and Chana,

Eric and I wanted to thank you for running a wonderful Chanuka 2022 trip to Dubai. This is the first time that we have joined an organized tour and can say that we were really amazed with how seamless it was. From the initial contact to the final goodbye everything was easy and pleasant. All we had to do was show up and things were taken care of for us. We did not have to plan any meals, any hotel arrangements or worry about where to catch a minyan or light chanukah candles. Throughout the trip David and Chana were accessible, friendly and very well organized. We love being on time and were really astounded that David was somehow able to make sure that the time we were scheduled to leave actually happened. The fact that the trip was so well organized allowed us to have a jam packed day every day and left us simultaneously exhausted and energized for the next day. We loved the diversity of the group and enjoyed the culture of inclusivity that David and Chana created. We were able to join together with Jews at various religious levels from all over the world. The food was not just good-it was great! The daily trips were fun, informative and educational. We look forward to joining you again in the future!

Tziporah and Eric, Chicago

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