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Many thanks, Dina.

After the loss of my beloved wife Muriel Z’L last year I confess I was dreading my first Seder and Pesach in 63 years without her by my side. However once the position became clear, Rabbi David Lapin and Gilda Posner and their respective families lost no opportunity of involving us with them and with other guests, as well as in the program generally.

It is thanks to them that we enjoyed the Chag more than we had ever hoped for, and I shall be most grateful if you will convey my heartfelt thanks and that of my son and granddaughter to them for their empathy.

As to the program itself, I am happy to have been able to contribute something to its content and hope, IY’H, to be able to do so again in the future.

Kind regards and Shabbat Shalom

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