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On behalf of Effie and myself and Chaim and Leslie and family and Yaakov and Shanna and family— many many thanks for a beautiful Yom Tov!

You truly are an amazing host and hostess!  You care about your guests’ experience and we felt your warmth and genuine concern the entire time!

You are not afraid of feedback–which shows how committed you are to providing the ultimate Yom Tov!

We had a fantastic time!  

It is depressing to read about how many programs run out of food, matzah, had too many guests, and a variety of other complaints.  Kudos to you for making sure we were not lacking anything!!

We never felt like there wouldn’t be enough–the tea room was constantly being refilled–the food in the dining room was constantly being refilled–the desserts were over the top delicious and plentiful– there was matzah–there was everything we needed for the seder!  There were so many delicious dishes and meats and salads and fish! This takes a lot of work and organization and planning to get everything you need to the hotel and more!

We thank you for that!   We even had omelets the day we left–this is the gold standard!!

We save all year for this treat and to take the kids for an incredible vacation and you made it superb!

The hotel staff could not have been nicer—they did an amazing job keeping the hotel pristine!  

Yashar Koach for arranging such a fabulous Pesach and letting us stay for an incredible bonus Shabbos!  The icing on the cake!

Wishing you both Hatzlachah Rabbah and may Hashem shower you with tons of brachos and nachas!

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