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What our guests say about us

“The hosts David and Chana Walles are simply fabulous people”; “The atmosphere and the people on the program where so special”; “The food is phenomenal”; These are all commonly heard sentiments from guests after a tour, programs, or cruise with Kosher Travelers.

Dear David and Chana,

I hope you are taking a well deserved rest after a busy time leading up to Pesach and then during the chag as well.

I want to thank you for the wonderful way in which you accomodated myself and my family. You certainly looked after us very nicely, both with regard to our rooms as well as to the area allocated to us for our seder.  This certainly enhanced our chag experience.

As well I want to commend you on the interesting and varied program you organised and  the pleasant atmosphere that was obvious everywhere.  This was in no small way enhanced by your friendliness and responsiveness to any request made of you

I wish you continued success in all your endeavours.

I look forward to spending chag with you again in the future.

Warm regards,

Bev Rockman. Modiin

Dear David and Chana,

Our words cannot adequately express our great enjoyment during our China Trip.  Everything was wonderful. You pulled out all the stops to make this so enjoyable and interesting for all the participants .The atmosphere amongst the attendees was amazing.  We look forward to sharing similar experiences with you.

Sidney S Cuby

Dear David,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful memorable trip to China. I know you worked very hard to cope with our group and we certainly appreciate all that you did to make everything go smoothly. I hope you have had a good rest since your return. We certainly needed to recuperate from the hectic schedule but it was all very worthwhile.

Rosie and Hillel Bick

Good evening David

We are just back from the China trip – tired and coldish but utterly exhilarated by all we have seen and experienced. Rona and Aaron Michelson were simply marvellous and the tour more than lived up to our expectations.   We are also very grateful to you for organising our onward trip to Hong Kong. All the arrangements worked like clockwork and the hotel was superb. Our guide -Canny – who we highly recommend –  made our four day stay really enjoyable and took us at a sensible pace.   Our appetites have been truly whetted for more ‘kosher’ explorations and we look forward to another adventure perhaps this time next year.   Shabbat shalom and regards

Alan and Joyce Mays

We had a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute of it. Only complaint is that I ate too much! Rabbi Gottlieb told me he started his diet and exercise program after last Pesach. I now know why. Thank you again for a great Chag.

Murray J Jacobson

We had an excellent time. This was the 6th time we’ve been away for pesach and it it was the best of the six. The food was excellent; the room was too (a garden flat). We met quite a few people and we sat with our friends. Rabbi Cardoza was very thought-provoking. Thank you.

Micaele and Alan Levine

Dear David and Chana,

I’ve been to Israel for Pesach with David Zwiebel & family dozens of times, in many cities and various hotels. I can say with confidence that this year’s chag at the Leonardo Plaza ranks with the very best experiences over the years. From the wait staff to the terrific Mark Salem it was a great Pesach and the variety and quality of the food excellent. Yasher koach.

Alan Zwiebel

“We have returned home after spending the first Hag of Pesach at Hacienda hotel in Ma’alot with your group. It exceeded our expectations! The place is beautiful, the food was great, the staff was extremely helpful, and the atmosphere was just what we had hoped for. We enjoyed the Tfilot, the rich program, and most of all. I enjoyed the “Shiurim” of Rabbi Ronen & Rabbanit Pnina Neuwirth. As a distant family relative of Eddi Fruedman I am glad that the brand carrying his name is a symbol of high quality. Thank you and all the team.”

Eitan Glazer

For the past three years, our entire family has enjoyed the excellent experience of sharing Pesach with you at your program on the Kinneret. Our parents, children, grandchildren and we—and some extended family, too—have received the care and consideration of David and Chana Walles and their family and staff that have enhanced our Chag immensely. This is no small task, considering we consist of from 32 to 52 persons of all ages (currently the eldest is 94 and the youngest is 7). We are veterans of 21 years of Pesach programs in the US, so we have a pretty good idea of what drives a program’s success. Your program—and you, your family and staff—are among the best of the best in service, attention to detail, location, programming and facilities. We hope to continue our Pesach relationship with you and Eddie’s Travel for years to come.

Judy and Jerry Fishman

We are on our third cruise with Eddie’s Travel-that speaks for itself! The organization, catering and religious atmosphere are amazing! We are absolutely ‘hooked’ and are not looking for another Kosher Travel Operator! Continue your good work!

Ruth & Nathan Grunbaum

Please keep up the wonderful work with all the kosher are doing a wonderful job with your high quality trips.

Mr. S, NJ, USA

I am writing to you to express my thanks for all that this trip turned out to be.

Organizing and running Kosher tours is not an easy task and your company achieved a degree of professionalism and excellence which will be hard to meet.

The hotels were first class and well located in every city. The eating arrangements were superb and displayed the attention to detail which your company did so well.

Monty and Eileen, Canada
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