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At Kosher Travelers, we know that exploring the world and keeping kosher are not mutually exclusive. On our tours, we create authentic experiences so that you can relax and enjoy each destination without compromising on  Kashrut standards.
Exotic Tours
The Ultimate Food & Wine Tour, Israel
Pre-Purim 08-10 March 2022
Food & Wine lovers, this is the tour of your dreams! Enjoy a tantalizing and uplifting tour surpassing your gastronomic expectations with Israel’s finest wines.

$900 per person

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Exotic Tours
Magic of The Imperial Cities, Morocco
21 February - 02 March 2022
From its fascinating mix of ancient traditions to breathtaking scenery and rich Jewish history, the magic of Morocco is sure to stay with you forever.

$3600 per person

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Exotic Tours
Authentic Havana Tour, Cuba
27 Feb-04 March 2022
Experience Cuba and discover for yourself why this enigmatic Caribbean island creates such a compelling narrative.

$2750 per person

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Exotic Tours
Intriguing Dubai Tour & World Expo, UAE
8-14 March 2022
Experience the World Expo and some of the biggest, glitziest, richest, and most glamorous sights in the world!

$3000 per person

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Exotic Tours
Group & Private Family Tours, Dubai, UAE.
01 January- 24 April, 2022
Discover why Dubai has taken the Jewish world by storm! See for yourself the country where superlatives are no exaggeration, as you experience some of the biggest, glitziest, richest, and most glamorous sights in the world.
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Exotic Tours
Jewish Heritage Journey, Latvia & Lithuania
11-16 May 2022
Step back in time to what was once the center of Jewish life in Europe, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus. Take a deep dive into the most important sites of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, and get a glimpse into the modern-day reality of these classic cities.

$2200 per person

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Exotic Tours
Premium Tour to Malta & Sicily, Italy
15-29 May 2022
Located at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa, these glittering gems of the south Mediterranean offer a fascinating mix of cultural and architectural traditions from both regions.

$6675 per person

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Exotic Tours
Fascinating Tour to Japan
16-25 May 2022
Explore a culture steeped in constant contrast including ancient temples nestled alongside modern skyscrapers and samurai castles scattered throughout bustling cities.

$5500 per person

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Exotic Tours
Sefardi Jewish Heritage: Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal
03-17 Jul 2022
Get ready for the ultimate Mediterranean getaway! See for yourself what is drawing tourists to this destination more than any other Western European region!

$6950 per person

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Exotic Tours
The Ultimate Majestic Kosher Tour of Iceland
11-20 Jul 2022 and 08-17 Aug 2022
Even though Iceland's name implies cold, it has become one of the hottest destinations in Europe. Come see for yourself why!

$5900 per person

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Exotic Tours
The Ultimate Scottish Whisky Tour, Scotland
08-12 Aug 2022
The perfect adventure for a kosher whisky enthusiast! Experience an authentic, in-depth tour of Scotland’s whisky scene.

$2200 per person

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Exotic Tours
Charming Tour of Provence & The French Riviera
15-24 Aug 2022
From charming fishing villages to expansive vineyards, you’ll revel in an intimate view of idyllic French countryside life. The tastes and sights of Provence and the French Riviera will inspire you to enjoy the finer side of life, long after you return home.

$6100 per person

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Imagine travelling Kosher to the most exotic destinations...

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