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With Kosher Travelers you can expect personalized service, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unparalleled comfort, and delectable meals to stimulate your senses and fuel your adventures. Whether you dream of a luxury kosher cruise, Pesach with the entire family, or a bucket-list of destinations or African safari, we’ve got what you’re looking for – and more! Our guests will testify….read on…


“The hosts David and Chana Walles are simply fabulous people”; “The atmosphere and the people on the program were so special”; “The food is phenomenal”; These are all commonly heard sentiments from guests after a tour, program, or cruise with Kosher Travelers.

Rosie and Hillel Bick

Dear David, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful memorable trip to China. I know you worked very hard to cope with our group and we certainly appreciate all that you did to make everything go smoothly. I hope you have had a good rest since your return. We certainly needed to recuperate from the hectic schedule but it was all very worthwhile.

Sidney S Cuby

Dear David and Chana, Our words cannot adequately express our great enjoyment during our China Trip.  Everything was wonderful. You pulled out all the stops to make this so enjoyable and interesting for all the participants .The atmosphere amongst the attendees was amazing.  We look forward to sharing similar experiences with you.

Bev Rockman. Modiin

Dear David and Chana, I hope you are taking a well deserved rest after a busy time leading up to Pesach and then during the chag as well. I want to thank you for the wonderful way in which you accomodated myself and my family. You certainly looked after us very nicely, both with regard to our rooms as well as to the area allocated to us for our seder.  This certainly enhanced our chag experience. As well I want to commend you on the interesting and varied program you organised and  the pleasant atmosphere that was obvious everywhere.  This was in no small way enhanced by your friendliness and responsiveness to any request made of you I wish you continued success in all your endeavours. I look forward to spending chag with you again in the future. Warm regards,

Stuart & Gloria Shocket, Netanya

As independent travelers, it was with some trepidation we joined a group. Immediately, we felt in good hands by the updated information and availability of organizers. The whole tour to Batumi  Georgia was a balance of activities and free time, without the feeling of being over-organized. The friendliness, efficiency, and flexibility as well as good choices of activities, and not forgetting the superb cuisine made for a memorable holiday. We look forward to further trips once we have lost the weight gained.  In short, highly recommended.  Thank you Chana and David and Kosher Travelers.

Daniel Lapin

Dear Chana and David, The pleasure of the Chag was significantly augmented for Susan and me by the outstanding quality of the program. We were so impressed with the resort, the catering, and the many people whom we so enjoyed meeting. Observing your strong leadership and constant eagle-eyed but inconspicuous supervision of literally everything was inspiring. We also deeply appreciated the many opportunities we enjoyed to get to know you both and came away feeling that the world was a less lonely place—we had new friends! Thank you again for an unforgettable Sukot experience. Warmly

Elisheva & Anthony Leibler, Jerusalem

Dear David and Chana – We want to thank you for hosting us and our children on an amazing kosher tour of Iceland this summer!!!   You put together a non-stop thrill ride of exhilarating other-worldly experiences, taking care of all the logistics, transportation, guides, venue selections, scheduling and other details and catering to the interests of all ages in the family.  At the same time, you were able to customize the program to accommodate our own requests and suggestions, all seamlessly integrated.  All we needed to do was show up and we found ourselves climbing glaciers, riding snowmobiles, speeding through arctic glacial waters on zodiac boats, navigating through lava caves and hiking through the most spectacular scenery we have ever encountered. You were always there to address any special needs that arose and we particularly appreciated your efforts to accommodate our various family members’ food allergies – and of course your arranging for Anthony to lein his bar mitzva parasha on his birthday!   You were both also great company and great hosts at all times. Kol hakavod and we will be reminiscing about our Iceland trip with you for many years to come, always over a glass of Floki! Best wishes,

Nison and Edita Badalov

Thank you David and Chana for such an opportunity and experience. We had an absolute amazing and unforgettable time filled with great memories! Our group was just as amazing and wonderful. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you and hoping to see you on future trips with Kosher travelers!  Dubai Tour November 2022

Shalom and Tzippy Teller

Thank you David and Chana for an incredible week filled with unbelievable sights and wonderful new friends. It was absolutely amazing meeting all of you. If any of you ever find yourselves coming to Atlanta please reach out, our home is always open. Wishing everyone a safe trip home. Dubai Tour November 2022

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