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With Kosher Travelers you can expect personalized service, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unparalleled comfort, and delectable meals to stimulate your senses and fuel your adventures. Whether you dream of a luxury kosher cruise, Pesach with the entire family, or a bucket-list of destinations or African safari, we’ve got what you’re looking for – and more! Our guests will on...

What our guests say about us

“The hosts David and Chana Walles are simply fabulous people”; “The atmosphere and the people on the program where so special”; “The food is phenomenal”; These are all commonly heard sentiments from guests after a tour, programs, or cruise with Kosher Travelers.

We have been going to the Hacienda Forest-view Hotel with Kosher Travelers for the past 6 years. It is the perfect place for a family getaway. The central lawn, which allows for parents to keep an eye out for even the youngest of kids, provides a great space to run free, including during meal times, letting the parents sit back and enjoy their meal. The play areas include mini-golf, ping pong, a huge chessboard, a well-stocked kids club, the pool with plenty of shady areas and comfy chairs, a spa so the adults can remember they are adults, and top-notch location for trips and activities, highlight just some of the first-rate amenities the hotel offers. Our extended family, from Israel, New Jersey, and Florida, ranging from 6 to over 70, all have the right combination of rest and activities to choose from. The food, rooms, and service are all top rate, and when combined with Eddie’s Kosher Travel’s program of activities, I highly recommend the Hacienda Forest-view Hotel for your next family vacation so that you actually feel like you are on vacation. Forest-view Hotel for your next family vacation so that you actually feel like you are on vacation.

Donni and Devorah Billauer

"We can’t stop talking about and reminiscing about our Pesach vacation at Nof Ginosar with Kosher Travelers. It was the perfect family retreat, everyone had something to do while we were all together. Kids had the run of the world in this beautiful pastoral setting,( not to mention the gorgeous pictures that were facilitated by this extraordinary background) The adults loved sitting outside together schmoozing and enjoyed the inspiring and insightful lectures that Rabbi and Dr, Yael Ziegler delivered. We looked forward to the meals, the food was delicious and abundant, hard to believe it was Kosher L’ Pesach!! Our evenings were also entertaining as the program offered activities which were much enjoyed by all of us. We miss those days and look forward to our next trip with Kosher Travelers!!"

Yosef A

"We had a wonderful time at the Neve Ilan Pesach program in 2019. They had a lovely open lobby. The hotel is nestled in the hills of Jerusalem. There were beautiful views and nice hikes in the area. The food was abundant and the kitchen staff was very eager to help with any special dietary requests. We enjoyed the designated children’s play area and water slide. We loved that we were close to Jerusalem and had the option for many day trips."

Janet and Harvey Grossbard – Neve Ilan


As independent travelers, it was with some trepidation we joined a group.

Immediately, we felt in good hands by the updated information and availability of organizers. The whole tour  to Batumi  Georgia was a balance of activities and free time, without the feeling of being over organized.

The friendliness, efficiency and flexibility as well as good choices of activities, and not forgetting the superb cuisine made for a memorable holiday. We look forward to further trips once we have lost the weight gained. 

In short, highly recommended.  Thank you Chana and David and Kosher Travelers team.

Stuart & Gloria Shocket, Netanya

Stuart & Gloria Shocket,
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