Shabbat Shalom from Dubravnik, Croatia

We are so excited for Pesach 2019 at the Hotel Bellevue in Losinj, Croatia.

Chol Hamoed Pesach is a great time to explore the beautiful Old City of Dubrovnik.






Here are our Top 5 Places to Visit in Dubrovnik:

Walls of Dubrovnik - walk the famous city walls. At the top, stop an appreciate the view of the old town and the shimmering Adriatic. 


Dubrovnik Synagogue - daven Mincha at the oldest Sephardic synagogue still in use today.

Island of Lokrum - take the ferry from the city. Spend a few hours at the holiday home of Austrian Archduke Maximillian, on the island. Explore the monastery and botanical gardens from his era.

Stradun - stroll down the limestone paved main street of the Old Town, the historic part of Dubrovnik. Don’t miss the clock tower and star wars.







Srđ - enjoy riding the cable car up the low mountains behind the walled city of Dubrovnik. At the top of the mountain, explore Fort Imperijal, built during the Napoleonic Wars, from 1806 to 1816.





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How to (Enjoy) Traveling With Kids


Last summer, you had a brilliant idea.

“Let’s travel to Israel with our entire family for Pesach.”

You could picture the awe on your teenager’s face as she davened for the first time by the Kotel, the Western Wall.

The shining face of your toddler as he experienced his first camel ride in the desert, dressed as Avraham Avinu.

The excitement your ten years old would soak up, as she walked through the Jerusalem Shuk Erev Shabbat.








Book the tickets!

Kol Hakavod (that is what we say here in Israel)!


Congratulations, that was an awesome decision.  Traveling abroad creates a lifetime of memories for children as they familiarize themselves with new sights, fresh experiences, exotic foods and of course much-needed quality family time.


Nonetheless travel delays, together with jetlagged, bored, overtired and cranky children can make traveling with children a challenge.


Kosher Travelers are here to help!


Throughout our years as parents traveling with our own children and as professional travel operators, we have discovered the highs and lows of travel.

Insider tips for traveling with kids and enjoying it!

Here is what we learned as Kosher Travelers:

  1. Be Realistic

Traveling single or as a couple, is a completely different experience than traveling with small children and or a family.

Your kids will not think the 45-minute walk home from the Kotel, through the streets of Jerusalem is magical. (But we know it is 🙂 )

Keep in mind, that your ultimate goal is to create an enjoyable and stress-free experience for everyone.

2. Book Accommodations


Choose your accommodations wisely.


What are your priorities?








What are amenities at the hotel “must haves” for your family?


You will enjoy the free breakfasts, housekeeping service, and lobby. (no cleaning up and doing dishes for you)


Your kids will love free wifi, space to kick around a ball outside,  a pool, a game room and a kids club.


Hotels and their facilities make your family travel trip so much more enjoyable.


3. I’m Bored - planning the perfect itinerary

Now, that you have secured your accommodations, begin planning your trip.


A good place to start your research is on the internet.


Different travel websites can help you structure the basics of your itinerary.

Plan Your Trip.


Once you have a basic itinerary planned, social media can be helpful.


You can ask for referrals, opinions, and questions on various social media travel groups.


The two groups we suggest are;

Love Love Israel: Tried and Tested and Travel the World With Your Kids.

4. Local Tour Guides

Local tour guides have vast experience in helping tourists plan itineraries. They can help you personalize your schedule meeting your specific needs.


5. The Free Stuff

Many things to see and enjoy are absolutely free. See a street fair, concert, or cultural event.


Catch a magnificent sunset, take a walk or bike ride, play in the park, swim at the beach or lake, climb a mountain.


Rikudgalim Kotel



6. Empower Your Kids

Get your kids involved! Encourage your kids ages five and older to participate in the planning.


Practice speaking Hebrew with them.


Do they know how to count? Echad, Shtayim, Shalosh


How to say “Please and Thank you”? Bevakasha and Todah


And “where is the bathroom?” Eifhoh Hashirutim?


7. What’s In Your Bag


There is a limit to what you can pack. Using a list will help you avoid overweight charges and heavy uncomfortable luggage.

8. Emergency Plan

Before traveling, set up a family emergency plan.

In case a child gets lost, some families have found it helpful to add a GPS app to their smartphones (Live360).

9.  Pictures

We love the idea of buying kids a journal and a (cheap) digital camera or their smartphones.

If you are on Instagram - Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #WeTravelKosher.

Then once at home and everyone is well rested, create a digital album or scrapbook.

10. Meet the Locals

The local park is a perfect open space for your kids to run around.

As a bonus, you can meet local parents that can help tweak your itinerary or at least point you in the direction of a kid-friendly restaurant.




Last summer, you made an awesome decision.


You are embarking on an unbelievable adventure.


Traveling with your children creates lasting memories for your entire family.











Share your travel adventures with us! #wetravelkosher







Tuesday Travel Tips: Croatia

Have you ever traveled to Croatia?

Some Kosher Travelers will be headed for Pesach to the Bellevue – one of Croatia’s most luxurious hotels.

Travel Tips: Croatia

After being treated to a Glatt Kosher LeMehadrin gastronomic experience by the culinary genius Chef Avi Steinmetz. – under the supervision of Rabbi Nahmia Rotenberg shlit’a – Vienna.

Our Kosher Travelers often spend their days as tourists in Croatia.

Here are some of our favorite destinations.

1. Old City Tours

Thanks to the preservation of history, unique lifestyle and impressive museum, a tourist hotspot is the island’s ancient villages.

2. Jeep Tours

Challenging and especially fun Jeep trips from mountaintops 598m above sea level, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and Losinj and other islands’ landscapes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.19.41 PM

3. Day Trip to Venice

Venice – one of the world’s most popular tourist destination, built on wooden foundations constructed on 118 islands, interconnected with 400 bridges.

About 170 water canals pass through the islands, leading to sailing being the primary method of transportation in the city, making the visit an experiential and unique one!


4. A tour of Croatian Islands

Tours in the spectacular islands of the area – we will visit ancient villages, including “Candrija Linadrik”, the picturesque fishing village “Valon”, the island “Cres” which offers a historical experience in the ancient city and a unique shopping experience!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.20.07 PM

5. Trips in Nature

An afternoon on the Losinj Island offers a magical tour of nature.

Groups and individuals enjoy attractions including water sports, cruises, hikes, a flight in the island’s skies and more.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.20.21 PM

Whatever You Decide

Travel to the best sites on the island and surrounding areas.

Swim laps in the outdoor or indoor pool.

Be inspired by shiurim.

Play sports.

Entertained by evening performances.

Enjoy Your Trip


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.20.29 PM

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