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Udi Ullmann

Udi Ullmann

Udi Ullmann is one of the rising superstars on Jewish horizon and has released four successful albums and working on his fifth.

Udi Ullmann exploded onto Jewish music scene with his debut album “Aguda Achat”.

It became one of the fastest selling recordings by a new star in recent memory. Since then Udi was the only Israeli Chassidic singer who won two years in a row the title of “Chassidic singer of the year”

Udi has performed in England, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania, Australia, South Africa and the USA and has performed in concerts with the greatest Jewish singers in the world.

Udi is also known for his ability as a chazzan to inspire the congregation to sing together and have an inspiring Tefila. He is invited around the world for Chazanut concerts and Shabbat services.

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