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By: Eddie’s Kosher Travel Staff

An African Safari vacation is on the top of millions of bucket lists.

Traveling with your family on an African Safari and showing your children the wonders of wildlife is a rewarding experience.

Traveling with your family means that you must be even more organized and prepared.

Next week, David and Chana Walles are traveling with their children to Africa joining Sivan Ya’ari and Innovation: Africa. Innovation: Africa proudly applies Israeli solar technologies to bring clean water and electricity to rural African villages.

Following the mission, the Walles family, will be experiencing first hand a Kosher African Safari.

What’s In Your Bag?

Chana, a seasoned traveler, swears by packing lists.

“Over the years, I have forgotten essentials at home.


I created a set of packing lists that I now use whenever I pack.

Frustration eliminated.

Now, my luggage and handbags are organized and I am ready to relax on vacation.”

Here is Chana’s list of the ten most important things you need to pack in your handbag on an African Safari.

Chana’s Packing List


10. #wetravelkosher

Even if you are traveling with a kosher tour like the Walles family, always remember, to pack kosher snacks in your bag.

It can be a challenge to find kosher food along the way. You will be so happy to pass your kids a granola bar or snack or some almonds.

Carry your Tefillat Haderech card along with a pocket siddur and proud Israeli citizens always travel with our Israeli flag.

Here you can find the Prayer for Travelers Tefillat Haderech.


9. Glasses

You will be outdoors for much of the time, so make sure you have a strong pair sunglasses.

If you wear prescription glasses, be sure to pack more than one set (in case you lose one or they get broken).

Safarieyewear has a great selection of sunglasses.


8. Hand Sanitizers and Wipes

Trust us – you will be covered in dirt.

The Safari vehicles are usually open (windows and roof). Be prepared to be exposed to a cloud of dust during your trip.

You will get dirty – enjoy it!

Be prepared with wipes or hand sanitizers to easily freshen up before a meal.

Your kids may like the Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Antibacterial Sanitizers Safari Animals.

Elephant spraying zebras with water to keep them away from waterhole
Elephant spraying zebras with water to keep them away from waterhole

#7 Emergency Kit

Bandaids and gauze
Sunscreen (to reapply)
Eye drops
Lip balm
Insect repellent/mosquito net/sting reliever
Hydrocortisone cream/antibacterial ointment
Muscle rub or anti-inflammatory cream
Brush, comb, clips and tie-bands for long hair and an extra one for your friend that forgot theirs.

Store your emergency items in this leopard print fashionable kit.


6. Medications

Before traveling read the CCD – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s
Health Information for Travelers to South Africa Traveler.


5. Light Raincoat or Poncho

Are you planning on gorilla and chimp trekking?
You will most probably encounter rain.

Chana recommends the Mac in a Sac.


4. Electronics

What's In Your Bag?/ African Safari
What’s In Your Bag?/ African Safari

Camera and Video Equipment

Africa is a dream destination for photographers both pros and rookies. Beautiful landscapes, outstanding light, sensational wildlife make Africa so photographic.

Don’t miss out. Buy a camera, if you don’t already have one.

Which camera should you take on a safari? Check out the options at B&H Photo


#3 Binoculars

Most people will remember to take their camera and/or video but many people forget to pack binoculars.

Binoculars are ESSENTIAL for optimum wildlife viewing on safari. A good pair of binoculars will make a big difference to your safari.

Try to find binoculars with at least 8x or 10x magnification.

Your kids will love the Carson MicroMini 20x Pocket Microscope (Safari Green).

#2 Flashlights

It is a good idea to bring your own flashlight or two.

Flashlights can lead you back to your tent in the middle of the pitch black night.

A rechargeable flashlight is ideal but a small battery-powered torch is sufficient. The new LED miners lights fits right on your head and frees up your hands.

A smaller flashlight for emergencies or looking at star maps is also worth considering.

A great option to consider is Kohree LED Miner Head Light Headlight

#1 Important Documents

Always carry a copy of your e-tickets, passport, itinerary, travel insurance and other travel related documents.

A great inexpensive passport holder that will keep your cash and documents safe is the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking.

picture of lions in grass
African lions resting in the grass

Are You Ready?

Double check your flights. Confirm your hotel reservations. Pack your luggage.

Don’t forget to carefully consider the essential items that you need to carry in your hand bag.

Have an amazing experience with your family on your Kosher African Safari.

Bonus Tip: Pack Non- Electrical Entertainment Items

Most of the day is spent on long rides. Don’t rely on electricity.

Make sure you are prepared.

Take along playing cards, good books and your travel diary.

We recommend that you and your children chronicle your adventures in a travel journal.

Game drive. Safari car on game drive with animals around, Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.
Game drive. Safari car on game drive with animals around, Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

Tell other Kosher Travelers about your African Safari experience tag your pictures #wetravelkosher.

So, what’s in your bag? Comment below.


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