Travel Insurance

Why do I need travel insurance?

It is strongly recommended that you take out travel insurance before traveling abroad.

Travel insurance should cover: Cancellation fees, hospitalization, related medical costs as well as a possible emergency evacuation.

Medical costs abroad can be astronomical compared to your home country. In some instances medical treatment can be withheld if a person has no proof of funds or travel insurance.

Did you know that HMO’s, PPO’s and Medicare typically do not cover you abroad?

Travel insurance (which encompasses both cancellation and medical
insurance) is very important and we can not stress that enough. It is for that reason as a service to our clients that Eddie’s Travel has its own contact in an umbrella insurance company that offers policies for all nationalities.

We have specific cruise policies, as regular cancellation policies have a tendency to overlook key issues relating to cruises.

We also offer policies that can be upgraded to include a ‘cancel for any reason’ clause. This upgraded policy has been very highly recommended by our past clients especially when making travel plans to visit Israel.