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For the past three years, our entire family has enjoyed the excellent experience of sharing Pesach with you at your program on the Kinneret. Our parents, children, grandchildren and we—and some extended family, too—have received the care and consideration of David and Chana Walles and their family and staff that have enhanced our Chag immensely. This is no small task, considering we consist of from 32 to 52 persons of all ages (currently the eldest is 94 and the youngest is 7). We are veterans of 21 years of Pesach programs in the US, so we have a pretty good idea of what drives a program’s success. Your program—and you, your family and staff—are among the best of the best in service, attention to detail, location, programming and facilities. We hope to continue our Pesach relationship with you and Eddie’s Travel for years to come.

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