Pesach With Eddie


Local News, Written by 5TJT Staff, Thursday, 30 December 2010 11:56

For many, Pesach means hard work, excessive cooking and cleaning, and little relaxation. But for an increasing number of families, Pesach has come to mean choosing from a variety of programming and hotel offerings. For over 25 years, Israel-based Eddie’s Travel has been helping families and individuals in search of the optimal Pesach program in Israel. Eddie’s Travel, with decades of experience offering top-tier luxury kosher travel programs around the world, is proudly offering no fewer than three venues to choose from for Pesach 2011.

For this upcoming Pesach, the company will have programs all across the Israeli landscape from the Dead Sea in the south, to the wonders of the Kinneret in Tiberias. For those looking to stay in the nation’s capital, a Jerusalem resort is also available. All three programs will be located in choice venues with luxurious accommodations, selected for their attention to top-tier customer service, good location, and excellent kosher cuisine.

The gem of the Eddie’s Travel program takes place at the Leonardo Plaza in Tiberias where the company has been personally hosting international and Israeli guests for 25 years. Leonardo has quickly become Israel’s fastest growing hotel chain, defined by luxury, great cuisine, and an international sense of customer service and commitment to the guest’s satisfaction.

Tiberias is an ideal holiday spot with great weather and countless touring and hiking options in the region. But with an inviting pool, kid’s day camp activities, health spa, gym facilities, and a 24-hour snack room, you won’t even need to leave the hotel grounds.

Jerusalem is the site of the second Pesach option at the 164-room resort hotel, Ramat Rachel. The newly renovated and modern rooms are an ideal base for those wishing to enjoy the holiness and unique holiday feelings that define Jerusalem as the center of the Jewish world. A diverse menu, programming for children, and a 300-seat theater hosting nightly entertainment for holiday guests are just some of the many features that attract people to Ramat Rachel.

Pesach also serves as an ideal time to visit the Dead Sea, which is the perfect combination of a secluded resort town, yet with all the amenities to make a vacation complete. The Dead Sea program is a partnership between Eddie’s Travel and LD Events where customers will benefit from over five decades of combined experience between the two companies. Guests will enjoy the luxury of another member of the Leonardo family, the Leonardo Plaza in the Dead Sea. This classic beachfront resort hotel will feature fine (non-kitniyot) glatt kosher cuisine, ongoing entertainment for all ages, amazing natural surroundings overlooking the Dead Sea and much, much more. The entire hotel will be under their operations to produce a fantastic Pesach atmosphere. David Walles, CEO of Eddie’s Travel, says that these product offerings are in large part designed to make Israel a choice destination for families all over the world looking for top-quality holiday offerings. “We strongly believe that Israel is the best place to spend a yom tov and we’re committed to highlighting the many benefits that come with Pesach in Israel,” he says.

Walles points out that even with the added costs of flights to get to Israel, an Israeli hotel package is highly competitive for families who typically choose hotels closer to home. “The nature of our market enables us to offer highly competitive rates while still delivering the consumer the best cuisine and programming.” Other factors like the mild Israeli weather and the overall benefit of spending Pesach in the Jewish homeland make it the natural choice for those in search of the best possible holiday. “Pesach is a great time to get to truly experience Israel and celebrate a chag with your Israeli brethren, and Eddie’s Travel welcomes the chance to help you discover a truly memorable chag—one that you’ll be looking forward to returning to the moment the holiday ends,” Walles says.

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