Fascinating Tour to Japan

Explore a culture steeped in constant contrast including ancient temples nestled alongside modern skyscrapers and samurai castles scattered throughout bustling cities.
08-17 May 2023
$5500 per person

Fascinating Japan

Japan’s enigmatic, insular nature and fierce commitment to safeguarding its unique cultural traditions has long intrigued those seeking an immersive, authentic travel experience. You will explore a culture steeped in constant contrast including ancient temples nestled alongside modern skyscrapers and samurai castles scattered throughout bustling cities. We will explore Tokyo, visiting everything from the city’s classic heritage sites to its street fashion epicenter. Then, you will soak in a Japanese onsen (hot spring) at the edge of a volcanic lake. Shabbat will be spent in Kyoto, a relaxing coastal city boasting 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to its Shinto shrines, painstakingly manicured gardens, and Buddhist temples. From the vibrant streets to lovingly preserved ancient sites, the complexities and beauty of Japanese culture will take your breath away.

With Kosher Travelers it's not just a vacation - it's a lifelong experience

Departure / Arrival Time 
May 16
Arrival in Tokyo Narita/Haneda
May 17
Classic Tokyo
May 18
Tokyo – Hakone
May 19
Hakone-Matsumoto Takayama
May 20
May 21
Kyoto During Shabbat
May 22
Classic Kyoto
May 23
May 24
Kyoto – Trendy Tokyo
May 25
Depature Tokyo-Narita/Haneda Airport
Daily Itinerary & Attractions

Day 1, Monday: Arrival in Tokyo Narita/Haneda airport. Airport Transfers

  • Welcome & Check-in and enjoy the hotel facilities.
  • Gourmet dinner.

Day 2, Tuesday: Modern Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo – capital of Japan and the heart of the most populated metropolis in the world. We will visit the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa, the oldest and most important Buddhist temple in Tokyo – Senso-ji and the colorful pilgrimage alley that leads to it.

Next is Ginza. The famous prestigious quarter where different Japanese and world top brands has their stores in glimmering specially and differently designed buildings. The Mitsukoshi Ginza department store has a unique food courts with fruits and other luxuries at imaginary prices…. We will visit the teamLab Digital museum where thousands of projectors and sophisticated programing creates a digital art experience that cannot be described in words. On a manmade island in the bay of Tokyo, past the rainbow bridge, the futuristic Odaiba area is one of the best places to see some of the most beautiful urban views of the world.

  • Explore Tsukiji Outer Market,
  • Asakusa Kannon Temple,
  • Ginza,
  • Nakamise Shopping Street,
  • World Trade Centre Observatory Deck,
  • Digital Art Museum: Epson Team Lab Planets,
  • Relax in Ueno Park,
  • Electronics Retail Hub Akihabara,
  • Odaiba.

Day 3, Wednesday: Classic Tokyo

This morning we will witness the 'sacred' ceremony of opening of a big department store/ This anthropological experience will teach us a lot about the importance of the customer in the Japanese service culture. We will tour the Shinjuku are, which is the greatest commercial and recreation area in Tokyo. It is also the location of the most busy train station in the world – around 3 million passengers a day!

Meiji shrine is a great Shinto shrine, dedicated to emperor Meiji, which in his time Japan made an unprecedented modernization turn. The shrine located in beautiful forest in the heart of the city. Not far is the Harajuku neighborhood, the center of Japanese young culture and fashion. In the Takeshita street one can find all kinds of interesting fashion' accessories and other creative equipment.  Parallel is the Omote sando where great houses of fashion and style are located along the wide boulevard in architectonic jams. We will walk the streets of Shibuya . Another great center of young Japanese culture, restaurants and night life. We will also cross the most famous intersection in the world and visit the Hachiko statue.

  • Isetan Department Store opening Ceremony in Shinjuku,
  • Meiji-Jingu Shrine,
  • Harajaku & Takeshita Dori
  • OmotoSando Street
  • Experience Japan’s unique pop culture, fashion, and subcultures in the heart of Tokyo.
  • Shibuya where the latest trends meet Japanese tradition.

Day 4, Thursday: Hakone & Fuji

This morning we will leave Tokyo and head to the mountainous Hakone are, known for quality hot springs, beautiful views and art. We will visit a beautiful park where an imperial villa is standing and a great views of mount Fuji can be seen if the weather permits. Next is the Hakone Open Air Museum where hundreds of sculptures made by the greatest Japanese and world artists are displayed on a mountain slope, immersed into the nature and carefully designed botanical elements. We will drive towards Fuji mountain and the 5 lakes surrounding it.  We will visit the Museum that shows the works of the artist Kubota who dedicated his life to recreating an old silk dying tradition. The result are magnificent kimonos that are really breath taking. Downhill is lake Kawaguchi where we will have a nice stroll on its bank. In the right conditions, we will see the great beautiful mount Fuji will towers above us. Tonight we will sleep in a ryokan – a traditional Japanese hotel with hot springs and deep taste of Japanese culture.

  • Onshi Park
  • Visit Chokoku-no-mori, Hakone’s open-air museum.
  • Fuji Five Lakes: Kubota Ichiku: Kimono Exhibition Hall & Garden
  • Kawaguchi Lake Side

Day 5, Friday: Matsumoto - Takayama

Today we will continue our journey north, and reach the Japanese alps. In the nice city of Takamatsu we will visit the samurai castle, One of the oldest in Japan that remain in the original. The black castle is known as the 'raven castle' and a lot of stories are told about it. Then we will have a special tour at a small traditional miso brewery. The Ishii family runs it for many generations, and we will hear explanations about this important ingredient in the Japanese kitchen from the current owner. Our next destination is the traditional town of Takayama. The place is known for generations for its quality wood products and wood artists. We will visit the local museum that shows the elaborately decorated festival floats, made hundreds of years ago by local artisans. The floats are in use twice a year when the great festivals are being held. Here we will stay during Shabat, attending Beit Chabad. Visit the Matsumoto Castle

  • Ishii Miso Brewery Tour
  • Visit Nakamachi A preserved district with interesting galleries and hidden treasures.
  • Absorb the sights of Takayama and Kami Sannomachi Street
  • Yatai Kaikan: Festival Floats Exhibition Hall
  • Prepare for Shabbat

Day 6, Relaxing Shabbat with Beit Chabad: Takayama 

Today we will have a nice walks around the center of the old town, where traditional wooden houses and stores are. We will also walk the nice passes in the eastern outskirts of town.

  • San-No-Machi. Old Town Walking tour
  • Higashiyama District Walking tour

Day 7, Sunday: Takayama & Kyoto

In the morning we will enjoy the local morning market along the river, where farmers from the surrounding area are selling their fresh products. Then we will head south and stop at Gujo Hachiman. A beautiful town nestled in a river valley. We will walk the atmospheric alleys next to the many water ways in town. The place is a center for manufacturing food replicas that are on display in every restaurant in Japan, we will see and admire these amazing copies. Here we will also watch a show of the local folklore dances, famous throughout the country, that are danced in the summer festival. Our next destination is Mount Gozaisho, where monkeys are playing on its slopes. We will be ascending in a ropeway to enjoy the summit air, unusual work formations and breath taking views. This evening we will reach Kyoto The beautiful city that was the imperial capital for more than 1,000 years.

  • Miyagawa Morning Market
  • Gujo Hachiman: Old Tower Water Ways
  • Food Replicas
  • Gojo Odori Folklore Dance
  • Mount Gozaisho Ropeway

Day 8, Monday: Kyoto Japan’s old imperial capital and home to seventeen World Heritage Sites

We will start in the western suburbs, a place known for its natural beauty since Heian period (8-12 century) and visit the famous Arashiyama bamboo grove. Back in the city is the Golden pavilion – the icon of Kyoto from the 14th century. Once a Shogun retirement villa, and now a Zen temple coated with gold leafs and surrounded by beautiful garden. No place like the market. Started some 600 years ago as a fish market, Nishiki today called 'the kitchen of Kyoto' and has not only local food but many many other products and attractions. Nijo palace was the place where the Shogun stayed in his visits to the city, and the center of his authority in the imperial capital. We will tour this magnificent building, characterized with Japanese minimalist elegant grandeur.

  • Arashiyama
  • Bamboo Groove
  • Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion
  • Nishiki market
  • Nijo-Jo: The Shogun palace
  • Learn the fundamentals of aesthetics, Zen, architecture, and horticulture

Day 9, Tuesday: Kyoto & Trendy Tokyo

The famous Inari shrine with its hundreds of orange colored tori-i gates running all the way up the hill is another icon. It is dedicated to the god of rice that attracts also businessmen wishing success and prosperity. Not far located the longest wooden building in Japan, some 120 meters long, standing for 800 years. Special architecture with anti- earthquake ingenuity enabled it to survive intact. We will continue to the east mountain district with its small traditional alleys and old local institutes. Here we will also experience the traditional tea ceremony, and learn about its importance in the Japanese culture and its connection to Zen. Not far is the Gion area, a place where geishas are still working today as a living traditional art preservers. We will stroll among the old tea houses and learn about geishas and their culture. With a sharp change – the Kyoto station complex is a unique architectonic creation by the famous architect Hara Hiroshi. We will tour the great station and find out the many attractions it offers. Here we will bored the Shinkansen – The super express 'bullet train' that 'flies' to Tokyo at speeds that exceed 300 k/hr. Last night in Tokyo.

  • Fushimi Inari
  • Sanjusangendo
  • Higashiyama District
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Gion Geisha District
  • Kyoto Train Station to catch Bullet Train to Tokyo

Day 10, Wednesday: Tokyo-Narita/Haneda Airport

Today we will fly back home, waiting for the chance to visit Japan once again. Goodbye!


What's included?
  • A 9-night tour of Japan.
  • Three delicious kosher meals per day, including packed lunches for day tours.
  • A complete touring itinerary with a local English-speaking guide.
  • Travel in a luxury, air-conditioned coach bus.
  • Kosher Traveler’s exclusive program and a complete Shabbat program (see itinerary below for details).
  • All entrance fees for sites on the tour itinerary.
  • 4 and 5-star rated accommodations.

What's not included?

  • International flights 
  • Travel insurance - comprehensive travel & health insurance is compulsory.
  • Tips for local guides and service providers, $10 per person/per day (except for locales where tipping is culturally offensive).
  • Entry visa if required. 


Kashrut information

Kosher Travelers is committed to providing all meals of the highest quality and under strict kosher supervision. We choose the hotels based on the hotel's willingness and ability to accommodate our kashrut needs and/or the proximity to kosher restaurants if available. In countries where such supervision is not available, we have a cook/mashgiach travel with us to supervise kashrut and prepare our meals.

International Flights & Global Travel, Health & Luggage Insurance
    • Comprehensive Travel Insurance covering trip cancellation, medical emergencies and luggage is mandatory at the time of reservation.
    • Israeli Citizens; Kosher Travelers recommends Egert & Cohen Insurance. Contact Tali +972-2-622-7999 ext. 125 or 052-769-9406 or tali@egertcohen.co.il. You may also sign up for insurance online at https://www.egertcohen.co.il/travel/signup-kosher-travel.asp.
    • USA & Canadian Citizens; Kosher Travelers recommends www.traveldefend.com Ph Josh: 18005782871 info@traveldefend.com
    • Arrangements and cost of International flights are not included.
    • We recommend the following Travel & Flight Consultants
    • Ronnie Abramson of Ambassador Tours +972-50-531-4500 or roni@ambassadortours.co.il
    • Ruth Berman of Ofakim +97225362163 or  ruth@ofakim.co.il


    • KOSHER TRAVELERS CANCELLATION FEES AND REFUNDS POLICY:If guest cancels their reservation the following cancellation fees apply:
      • 90 days prior a full refund is payable less $100 admin. per room
      • 45-90 days prior a full refund is payable less $500 per room
      • Within 45 days there is no refund.
      • If government-imposed lockdown of hotel or airport full refund less $100 admin. per person

What kind of crowd should I expect?

The common denominator of our clients is Shomer Shabbat and kashrut. There are no religious level criteria to join our tours, cruises or hotel programs and we won't ask you any questions about your religious observance. We attract a diverse group of Jewish, English-speaking guests from across the globe, and encourage an accepting atmosphere among our group members.

At Kosher Travelers, we’re passionate about travel. Like you, we believe in opening yourself up to new experiences and breathtaking vistas that will forever expand who you are and how you see the world.

Discover… That’s why we put so much care into giving our customers not just a vacation but a life-changing experience. On a Kosher Travelers tour, you can be confident that every detail will be taken care of, from A to Z. No worries, no stress – just sheer delight and the freedom to fully enjoy every moment.

Enrich... We know what’s important to you. You want not just memorable, but meaningful. A pampering, deluxe, full-sensory experience that also has depth and spirituality. That’s why we bring the Jewish dimension to our tours, wherever in the world they are and provide the highest level of kashrut and all the amenities required for the kosher traveler.

Connect... Most importantly, when you travel with Kosher Tours, you travel with family. We take pride in creating a family dynamic among our group members. Lifelong friendships have been formed on our tours!

Come experience for yourself the magic of a Kosher Travelers Tour!

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Experience The Best of Japan

Experience the Future & the Past

Only in Japan, you’ll find ancient customs and craftsmanship woven together with cutting-edge modern technology.

A Complete Sensory Experience

Be blown away by the breathtaking vistas, natural wonders, and sci-fi movie-worthy cityscapes.

An Authentic Cultural Experience

Enjoy the full Japanese cultural experience, with all your Kosher needs taken care of!



All tours include comfortable, 5-star rated accommodations.
$5500 per person based on Twin-share/double occupancy. Single Supplement: $1000

Deposit, Cancellation Fees & Policy:

There is a $1000 per person deposit required to confirm your reservation. If the tour is canceled because a minimum number of participants was not reached, you will receive a FULL refund.

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