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Written By: David Walles
Pesach in Israel with Eddie's Kosher Travel

Pesach in Israel with Eddie's Kosher Travel

We're used to getting rave reviews of our Pesach programs but were especially touched by this comment we came across on a community list. Shoutout to Vered Klein - it's always a pleasure!

In my opinion, Eddie's Kosher Travel delivers THE BEST Pesach experience here in Israel.

This year will be our 5th year with Eddie's Kosher Travel Pesach program. We have been to their flagship program in Tiberias as well as their program in Netanya. In both locations we enjoyed exceptional hospitality and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We have been enjoying ourselves so much that now our parents also have been joining us for these programs.

Here are some of the highlights for me:

  • Excellent locations - beautiful views, great walks for chag and Shabbat and a whole lot to do during Chol HaMoed.
  • Amazing food - actually as a fitness instructor that's not a highlight for me as I don't like to eat so much but it's hard to stay away from the amazing food (especially the desserts!). Not only does the food taste so good but it is also very plentiful and is presented beautifully in every single meal, and the waiters are always very eager to please the diners and get us whatever we want.
  • Exceptional hospitality - we sometimes like to kvetch about customer service in Israel.... well, at Eddie's Kosher Travel, you never have a reason to kvetch... and just when you think you finally found something to kvetch about, they go ahead and take care of that as well. I don't know how many stars the actual hotels get in their industry rating but there's no doubt in my mind that the kind of hospitality we received from Chana and David Walles in Tiberias and Shelley Pascovitch in Netanya were FIVE STARS all the way!
  • Awesome program - every day and every night and almost every hour in-between, Eddie's Kosher Travel Pesach program keeps you busy with top notch programs every day of the chag. To name a few: tiyulim with tour guides on tour buses, child-care and camp-like activities for the kids, movies for kids and adults, comedy nights, fascinating lectures, amazing shiurim, fitness program and more and more.
  • Your choice of seder - I know that this is a sticky point to many, as many people like to have seder at home and not in a crowded hotel room. Eddie's Kosher Travel, once again, accommodates you and you can choose between the following: 1) a completely private seder (for an extra cost), 2) a semi-private seder (you run the seder at your own pace but next to other families making their seder) - I think that's a very manageable situation and a great option, 3) a communal seder - we have done that for 2 years in Tiberias and had a lot of fun with the rabbi - he engaged the kids, went at a reasonable pace and delivered a very enjoyable experience for my entire family.

I can go on and on and you might think that I'm getting paid for this. I am not. I am truly writing what I feel. Am I biased? Sure I am. But am I speaking with experience? Absolutely!

After the first year with Eddie's Kosher Travel, I decided to do my due diligence and research other programs and their prices. I was so happy to find out that David Walles' prices beat all the other prices and still offered the best program. So you want to ask me what's the "catch"? The catch is: you won't want to stay home again for Pesach!

So don't SLAVE away for Pesach this year. Treat yourself to a great Pesach with Eddie's Kosher Travel.

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