A Relaxing Pesach

Written By: David Walles

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Pessach is a hectic time for every family. Between cooking, cleaning, and shopping, it often feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Imagine if the opportunity arose to leave home and move into a hotel for the entire 8 days of Pessach? No cooking. No cleaning. No frantic last minute grocery shopping. No hassle.

You simply pack a bag, move into one of our gorgeous Pesach hotels, and everything is all set up for you. Incredible food is served at every meal, entertainment is provided for your whole family, and extraordinary accommodations are all part of every one of our Pesach programs.

It's the perfect vacation.

Come book your stay with us at one of our many Pesach hotels and experience the time of your life. Whether you choose to stay in Israel, travel to a luxurious hotel in Croatia, or have a relaxing and sophisticated vacation in Thailand, we guarantee a great trip.

Pesach doesn't have to be hectic. Let us help you have an incredible holiday!

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