Terms And Conditions

Reservations & Payments

How and When is Payment due?

Payment to Eddie’s Travel is acceptable using international credit card, bank transfer, personal cheque or cash. Payment in full must be paid by the specified due dates.

When is my Reservation Confirmed?

  • Your reservation will be confirmed once Eddie’s Travel has received
  • Your confirmation that all the booking details are to your satisfaction
  • A completed Booking Form and the deposit
  • Any insurance premium required

Within 7 days of receipt of the above, confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via email, fax, or letter

Teenagers and Children – are they welcome?

Children are very welcome on Eddie’s Travel holidays. Many hotels and cruise lines offer attractive discounts on children sharing with parents and Family Plan rates as well as special children’s programs and activities. Your Eddie’s Travel consultant has full details of discounts available to children accompanying their parents.

Are there Group Discount?

Attractive discounts are available for large group bookings. Speak with one of our Eddie’s Travel’s holiday consultants for further information.

A Traveler’s Check List

What Passport and Other Documentation are required?

Be Sure we have your legal passport name spelled correctly.
For Alaska and Caribbean Cruises, USA citizens will need:

Adults : Passport or birth certificate & driver’s license

Children : only need a birth certificate.

For Europe : EVERYONE must have a passport. You must check on Visa requirements for each country you are visiting.

Most foreign nationals will be required to have a Passport and Visa to enter the US and Canada.

IMPORTANT NOTE : You are responsible for obtaining the required passport and visa for the destinations you wish to visit.
Your Eddie’s Travel consultant can advise you on the documentation required but Eddie’s Travel cannot refund clients denied entry to a destination due to the lack of the required travel documentation.

Tell me about Travel insurance?

We strongly recommend travel insurance for our cruise passengers. Please make sure you fill out and mail the application within 7 days of booking your cabin.

It is advisable to have comprehensive travel insurance for all tours and hotel vacations.

Taking out an appropriate private medical insurance policy is required for all of Eddie’s Travel holidays.

Our expert travel consultants will provide the exact details of the recommended insurance coverage for your holiday or you can purchase directly online via our website.Â

What is the Dress Code?

Dress requirements vary according to the tour destination, season of the year and type of tour selected. For example, with certain cruise lines it is customary for passengers to dine wearing formal evening dress, whereas with other cruise lines informal dress is perfectly in order.

For tours in tropical areas it is essential to bring appropriate head coverings and suntan lotions. Your Eddie’s Travel’s consultant is happy to advise you on the kinds of clothing and other personal items it is recommended to bring on your selected tour.

Transfers and Embarkation

Connecting flights to cruise and tour starting points can be arranged separately or through Eddie’s Travel. We strongly suggest taking an early flight for all cruises. The ships are prompt and will not wait in port if you have a delay.

Travelling Kosher

What is the level of Kashrut Supervision?

Eddie’s Travel makes no compromise on the quality and supervision of their kosher culinary cuisine at sea. Our cruises are under the rabbinical and kashrut supervision of Rabbi Ori Einhorn, a Kashrut supervisor certified by the Rabbinate of Israel.

  • All meat on cruises is Glatt Kosher.
  • All dairy products are Chalav YisraelÂ

Eddie’s Travel is committed to providing Kosher food of the highest quality under strict supervision. Kashrut on hotel vacations and tours is under the direct control of the local orthodox rabbinical authorities. In countries where such supervision is not available, Kosher food is prepared under the supervision of mashgichim certified by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, or another internationally recognized Kashrut authority

How do we keep Shabbat and Yom Tov?

  • We have full Minyanim with Torah Readings and Shiurim
  • Full provision for Kiddush and Havdalah requirements
  • Shabbat candles are supplied to our guests
  • Shabbat elevators are available in most hotels and provisions are made for electronic doors where possible
  • Care is taken to ensure a continual availability of hot drinks and light refreshments.

General Questions

Do you cater for Special Dietary Needs?

Eddie’s Travel will do the very best to accommodate any special dietary requirements providing that these requirements are clearly stated at the time of booking.

What standard of accommodation do you use?

All accommodation provided meets the highest standards combined with comfort, luxury and first-rate service.

What languages do the tour guides speak?

All our tours are conducted in English.

Are your trips fully escorted?

All of our group tours and cruises are fully escorted and hosted by an experienced tour leader, distinguished for their knowledge of the locality, its history and culture as well as fascinating Jewish connections.Â

Can I make changes to my itinerary after confirmation?

Eddie’s Travel makes every effort to make any changes that you require, subject to availability. Changes in flights are subject to the airline regulations and changes in tours subject to the tour conditions. We do reserve the right to pass on an additional charges incurred due to changes requested by the client after the holiday has been confirmed.

What happens if Eddie’s Travel cancels my trip?

Eddie’s Travel will notify you of any cancellation 30 days in advance. We will either refund your holiday cost in full, arrange for you to travel to your destination at a later date, or offer you an alternative holiday destination.

Cancellation Policy & Travel Insurance

Unless otherwise specifically stated in writing with respect to a particular tour or cruise, passengers, who cancel for any reason including medical or family reasons, are subject to the following per person cancellation fees:

CruisesAll bookings are fully refundable less $100 administrative fee until 90 days before sailing when payment in full is due. for group bookings of 5 or more cabins, $500 deposit p/p is non refundable, therefore we strongly recommend purchasing travel insuranceWe strongly recommend the Purchase of cancellation insurance to avoid the penalties stated above.

HotelsAll bookings are subject to our cancellation policy as per Booking Form
InsurancePlease ensure that you have adequate insurance cover. We strongly recommend comprehensive travel coverage. Eddie’s Travel will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to: Luggage, accidents en-route, etc.Click here to order travel insurance now!

We look forward to hosting you… safe travelling and Nesia Tovah !