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04 Jul 2022  - 13 Jul 2022
08 Aug 2022  - 17 Aug 2022


Iceland is an island country of glaciers, hot springs, geysers, active volcanoes and snow- capped peaks. Even though its name is associated with cold, it’s becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe. Its popularity stems from its magnificent natural locations, including glaciers and thermal springs, geysers (including the site “Geysir” from this term is drawn) and volcanoes, snow-capped mountain peaks and expansive lava fields. But this country is also known for its remarkable history and attractive literature, valued traditions and appealing folklore. This is a special opportunity to tour one of the most unusual and exhilarating countries in the world.

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Afternoon Panoramic City Bus Tour, Dinner at Chabad Restaurant & Overnight in Reykjavik

DAY 2. TUESDAY: Akureyri - Lake Myvatn

After breakfast, we take a 50min flight to Akureyri in the north of Iceland. We arrive at one of the most fascinating geomorphological sites in Iceland – Lake Myvatn (Mosquito Lake). We continue to the “Black Castle”, for a walk inside a volcanic maze, which is the only place in the world where you can see huge lava formations that are sometimes reminiscent of humans, or birds and even cathedrals. The entire Lake Myvatn area was declared a protected nature reserve in I974 and is one of the main tourist sites in Iceland. We will explore this unique area and take an easy  hike across the Krafla lave fields and it's thermal PowerStation, Kverir Geyser Basin, Dimmuborgir with formed lava structures.

Dinner & Overnight in Husavik.
DAY 3. WEDNESDAY: Jokulsa-a-Fjollum Canyon – Dettifoss Falls

This morning we head further north to the Glacier River, Jokulsa-a-Fjollum Canyon and the "Dettifoss" waterfall this is by far the largest waterfall in Europe.

We will stroll along the cliff to find yet another waterfall "Selfos". We continue our drive into the canyon where we'll take a great walk along the cliffs of the "echo rocks” and view some incredible lava prism over an exceptionally large area.  We stop for lunch and end our day at the unique "lost waterfall" of "Asbirgi". If conditions allow, we will also tour inside the impressive basalt canyon, a challenging hiking trail that will lead us to hidden springs and waterfalls.  Dinner & Overnight in Husavik.

DAY 4. THURSDAY: The Golden Circle - Þingvellir – Gulfoss – Geysir

After Breakfast we have a  50min return flight  to Reykjavik and begin our tour with a visit to Þingvellir National Park, where the Althing, founded in the 10th century, considered the world’s oldest ‘Parliament Grounds’ and one of the most important attractions in Iceland. We continue to Gulfoss Falls and the famous location Geysir, from where the name for all similar thermal spring phenomena draws their name. “Golden Waterfall”, consisting of two huge and beautiful waterfalls. Not far from here is the famous Great Geysir geyser, which erupts to great heights.

At the same site is also the Strokkur geyser that erupts every five minutes. We will hike along a "sea floor fissure" type of trench, this is probably the nicest and clearest prove of the "plate tectonics" in Iceland. Our Golden Circle leads us to the next magical destination – a visit and to the “Secret Lagoon”, not far from Gullfoss, located in the town of Fludir where about 400 people live. Steam fumes rising around, already mark the way to this pool, which is a natural thermal spring. The warm water, the fresh air and the view of the surrounding lava fields give bathers a feeling of relaxation and serenity. The small geyser erupts from time to time is the magical atmosphere of the bathing experience. Dinner at Chabad Restaurant & Overnight in Reykjavik

DAY 5. FRIDAY: City of Reykjavik – The Blue Lagoon  

Today we visit all the city’s major attractions including the Parliament, the harbor, Laugadalur, the Hallgrímskirkja church towering over the city and the fascinating geothermal power station to learn how clean electricity powers the country. We will stop at the “Pertlan” water reservoir, which provides hot water to the entire city. and the new Harpa Cultural Center building.

We finish our afternoon at The Blue Lagoon a huge, outdoor lagoon filled with naturally heated geothermal water sourcing from 2,000 meters below the surface of the earth. It is full of minerals, silica and algae and is especially good for the skin and relaxation. The water is almost startlingly blue in color, and the white of the silica on the black lava rocks around the edges makes an amazing contrast. As well as soaking and swimming in the pool, the Blue Lagoon offers in-water massage treatments, saunas and steam rooms, and a cafe. A perfect way to end the week and prepare for. Dinner at Chabad Restaurant & Overnight in Reykjavik

Tefillot and Shabbat meals with Rabbi Feldman of Chabad. Afternoon we take a walking stroll around the hotel area and enjoy a relaxing Shabbat.

Reykjavik means the “smoking bay”, named because of the volcanic activity surrounding it. The city is enclosed by mountains and is located within a wide bay, in the heart of a geothermal area of ​​hot springs, which erupt from the ground and serve as natural central heating with no air pollution. The air is clear and clean, aided by the winds that constantly blow. Reykjavík has a population of close to 120,000. In winter, it has only 4 hours of daylight, and in summer the night is almost as bright as the day. The sun sets towards 23:00, so that the cafes and pubs as well as the heated thermal pools are bustling till late. Dinner at Chabad Restaurant & Overnight in Reykjavik

DAY 7. SUNDAY: Landmannalaugar Rock Reserve

We travel today to Landmannalaugar nature reserve – the colorful land of thermal springs. It’s a beautiful drive, with breathtaking volcanic views. We walk between colorful mountains, black obsidian lava and hot springs. The hot springs are located at the bottom of a river, creating a wonderful temperature for a relaxing bath!

Without a doubt, Landmannalaugar Reserve, “People’s Pools”, is one of the most spectacular areas in central Iceland. It is so named because of the abundance of mud pools it provides for tourists, along with countless formations, ranging from volcanic rocks carved in black stripes of volcanic ash, with the colorful red, orange and yellow mountain slopes above them. Huge lava fields, steam jets erupting from cracks in the ground and areas covered with thin mossy vegetation complete this magical picture. We will hike along a trail in the center of the reserve, and as time allows – we will end up bathing in the hot springs.

Dinner & Overnight Kirkebayer

DAY 8. MONDAY: Skaftafell Reserve – Glacier Lagoon

This morning we head east towards "Skaftafell" the largest Glacier in Europe covering over 8000 square km and covers about 8% of the entire island.  This largest national park of Iceland has so much to offer, and we will soak in the best of it.

We start the day with an enjoyable hike to Svertifoss the black waterfall. We will see the largest glacier in Iceland, the Vatnajökull that covers more than 8% of the island. Continue to the spectacular Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon and see the birthplace of icebergs. You will even have the option to take a trip on an amphibian boat and get close to the icebergs for a different kind of view. We view one of the southern spurs of the huge glacier and return to the visitor center, where we will learn about the violent eruptions of the volcanoes on which the huge glacier sits. We continue to the glacial Jokulsarlon lagoon, which is strikingly beautiful. It is the largest and deepest glacial lagoon in Iceland, above which the Öraefajökul, the highest volcano in Iceland, rises to a height of 210 m.

Dinner & Overnight Kirkebayer


Today we travel to the highlands of Iceland. Lakagigar or "Laki” which is the closest one can get to the first week of G-d’s creation. This area is remote and isolated and still "recovering" from the largest volcanic events that we know of in historical times. The effect of 15 months of constant eruptions with enough ash to cover western Europe and enough lava to cover 560 of land is still here. The land is not fully recovered, and the place looks as though it was just created.  We drive through this terrain, cross rivers, and take a hike up to the top of mount laki. On our way out we will not miss the fagrifoss waterfall and add a short hike in the Feder's Canyon.

Dinner & Overnight Kirkebayer

DAY 10 WEDNESDAY: South Coast of the island + Flights home to TLV  

This morning we head west back to Rekjavik. On our way we drive up to Dyrholy Cliffs to the most southern point of Iceland, then we view the Skogafoss and Seljalandfoss as well as the lower falls, including the falls from behind the scenes. We finish our tour with a quick visit to the Volcano Museum. Drive to the airport by 2pm

Yossi Ben Ami A veteran and experienced tour guide, specializing in unique tours in the fields of geology, nature and landscape. Guided for years at the Society for the Protection of Nature, photographing, and writing for various geographical magazines. Graduate of the Hebrew University with a bachelor's degree in geology and earth sciences and a master's degree in air quality engineering and atmospheric chemistry. Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in several prominent destinations, including Iceland, New Zealand, Antarctica, Greenland, Greece, Scandinavia, Morocco, the Canary Islands and more.

Kosher Travelers Iceland tour guided by Yossi will be an Experience of a Lifetime!


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04-13 JULY 2022

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Tour Guide Yossi Ben Ami


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