Today is the first installment of our new #ThankfulThursday series, where twice a month, we will pick and feature a randomly selected review from one of our Kosher Travelers.

You, our fellow Kosher Travelers, are not just clients, but over the years we have developed close relationships with our guests, who have become friends and we look forward to seeing one another on various vacations throughout the world.

We love offering Kosher Traveler’s, an enriching, unforgettable experience, with world-class Kosher cuisine, and unparalleled service on our Passover programs. Kosher Deluxe Cruises, Exotic Land Tours, African Adventure Safaris, and or European Summer Vacations.

There’s nothing better than when we hear from a Kosher Traveler that they had an unbelievable experience.

Check out this amazing review left for our team by a longtime Kosher Traveler, Stephanie Freud, from Ra’anana, Israel.

Thank You, Stephanie Freud! Can’t wait until our next Kosher Travelers experience!

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