Shabbat Shalom from Dubravnik, Croatia

We are so excited for Pesach 2019 at the Hotel Bellevue in Losinj, Croatia.

Chol Hamoed Pesach is a great time to explore the beautiful Old City of Dubrovnik.






Here are our Top 5 Places to Visit in Dubrovnik:

Walls of Dubrovnik - walk the famous city walls. At the top, stop an appreciate the view of the old town and the shimmering Adriatic. 


Dubrovnik Synagogue - daven Mincha at the oldest Sephardic synagogue still in use today.

Island of Lokrum - take the ferry from the city. Spend a few hours at the holiday home of Austrian Archduke Maximillian, on the island. Explore the monastery and botanical gardens from his era.

Stradun - stroll down the limestone paved main street of the Old Town, the historic part of Dubrovnik. Don’t miss the clock tower and star wars.







Srđ - enjoy riding the cable car up the low mountains behind the walled city of Dubrovnik. At the top of the mountain, explore Fort Imperijal, built during the Napoleonic Wars, from 1806 to 1816.





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Chag Sameach from Netanya

We are getting ready for the chag by the beautiful pool here in Netanya, Israel.

Reserve your lounge chair now for Pesach 2019.

Kosher Travelers will help you plan the perfect family Israel experience over Pesach.

What our Pesach experience includes:
*Perfect weather*
*Great day trips*
*No Kitniot*
*Guest Speakers*
* Kids Activities*
*Swimming pool *
An unforgettable holiday for your family.

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Shabbat Shalom from Shanghai

Friday, 7 September 2018

Candle lighting: 5:53 pm

Kosher Travelers are leaving soon for a fascinating tour of China, an extraordinary excursion to a captivating culture.

Shabbat Shalom from China







Experience China For Yourself

Big bustling cities on breathtaking landscapes; tasty exotic teas and fertile rice paddies; soft silk and exquisitely pleasing pearls, and the marvels of Chinese medicine – see them all up close and personal as the greatest transformation of the modern age takes place before our very eyes.

An exciting exploration of both ancient and modern Chinese culture and of the Jewish communities that called China their home.


Shabbat Shalom from Shanghai

Shabbat Shalom from Sydney

Friday, 31 August 2018

Candle lighting: 5:18 pm

Planning a trip to Sydney?

 Arrange a tour.

 Reserve seats at the Sydney Opera House.
 Schedule time to see the massive Darling Harbour and the smaller Sydney Harbour Bridge -major hubs of waterside life. 

 Don't miss The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Shabbat Shalom from Sydney







Kosher Travelers Sunday Spotlight - Vienna


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Sunday Spotlight - Presolana


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Today is the first installment of our new #ThankfulThursday series, where twice a month, we will pick and feature a randomly selected review from one of our Kosher Travelers.

You, our fellow Kosher Travelers, are not just clients, but over the years we have developed close relationships with our guests, who have become friends and we look forward to seeing one another on various vacations throughout the world.

We love offering Kosher Traveler's, an enriching, unforgettable experience, with world-class Kosher cuisine, and unparalleled service on our Passover programs. Kosher Deluxe Cruises, Exotic Land Tours, African Adventure Safaris, and or European Summer Vacations.

There’s nothing better than when we hear from a Kosher Traveler that they had an unbelievable experience.

Check out this amazing review left for our team by a longtime Kosher Traveler, Stephanie Freud, from Ra'anana, Israel.

Thank You, Stephanie Freud! Can’t wait until our next Kosher Travelers experience!

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Ultimate Scottish Whisky Tour 2018

We enjoyed experiencing Scotland’s highlights, the whiskey tastings at the finest Lowland and Highland distilleries and the great fun along the way.

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Sunday Spotlight - Barcelona


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Kosher Travelers Sightseeing, Shopping and Shakshuka

Sightseeing, Shopping and #Shakshuka!
Kosher Travelers spent an awesome afternoon at #TelAviv#Jaffa.

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Kosher Travelers Balkan States Tour

Last week, David Walles and Ari Bick toured the Balkan States: Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

Getting ready for Summer 2019!


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Kosher Travelers - Magic of Morocco Day 8

Kosher Travelers Magic of Morocco

Day 8: Marrakesh City

“The Red City” or the “Pearl of the South” are but two of the names given to Marrakesh, the most beautiful city in Morocco.

Today we explored the city center and had free time to visit the lively markets. We passed through the Melah, and stopped by the Koutoubia Mosque, visited a Berber pharmacy, Spice Shop, and the Bahia Palace & Gardens.

We toured the “medina” the market quarter of the city. The market is a mass of colors, voices and smells, a polyglot of all the treasures that exist in this country. The “medina” is divided according to the type of product: an area for silver houses silversmiths and silver dealers, while gold is dealt with in a different area, and rows upon rows of stalls sell leather, copper, and jewelry.

Afterward, we had the option to visit the brand new YSL Fashion Museum dedicated to the life and work of French icon Yves Saint Laurent. While, others continued shopping in the markets and made their way back to the Hotel, and relaxed by the gorgeous pool & gardens.

We ate a delicious dinner at the Kosher Restaurant at our hotel Grand Mogador Menara Marrakech - Luxury Hotel

Have you visited the new YSL Museum?

Kosher Travelers Magic of Morocco Day 8


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