Shabbat Shalom from Norway

Experience a Kosher Traveler Luxury Cruise 


Cruises are often a challenge for Kosher travelers. While everyone aboard is eating at gourmet banquets, it is hard to eat your can of tuna or double wrapped fish.

Kosher Travelers is pleased to present to you an affordable Kosher cruise. Departing from Amsterdam, travelers will experience an exceptional sailing experience aboard a luxurious ship, that doubles as your hotel.

While on board, enjoy your vacation at sea. Relax on the deck, be pampered at the spa, exercise at the gym, play golf, enjoy the 4D Cinema (simulated), be impressed with performances at the theater on 3 levels, gamble at the luxurious casino, sample drinks at one of the 11 different bars and shop at the luxury stores.

When docked, experience the most exciting of the many Norwegian Fjords, turquoise sea, enchanting beaches, beautiful cities and a lot of culture and history.


Kosher Cruises with Eddie’s Kosher Travel & Destinations

With over 30 years experience, we are the world’s leading Kosher Tour operator. Satisfied clients come from USA, Israel, France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Mexico, Australia, South Africa.

Our own separate area of the dining room provides four gourmet meals a day freshly prepared under the Management of Costa’s Executive Chefs aboard each ship.


Spiritual and Physical Sustenance

Over meals are under the strict supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Ifrah of Aix Les Bains, France.

The Cruise features the highest level of Kashrut 100% Glatt Mehadrin and 100% Cholov Yisrael.

Our chefs work, under the supervision of four full-time mashgichim, guaranteeing that all products are Glatt Kosher and stored in refrigerators and freezers supervised at all times by one of our Mashgichim.

During the voyage, we have exclusive use of our own synagogue for three daily prayers, a Sefer Torah and intellectually stimulating Torah classes are also provided at regular intervals. Guest Scholar is often on board.

On Shabbat, we have a permanent arrangement with the Cruise Line to run an automated Shabbat elevator, a solution for locking the door of the rooms, no island music playing in the dining room, candle lighting area and more.

Every detail has been taken into account, ensuring your maximum comfort and enjoyment.






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