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The Ultimate Food & Wine Tour, Israel
Celebrate USA Independence 03-04 July 2022
Discover the beautiful Yatir Forest and breathtaking Hebron Hills on our newest Food & Wine Tour of the Northern Negev Led by Wine Enthusiast David M. Weinberg

$595 per person

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Exotic Tours
The Ultimate Majestic Kosher Tour of Iceland
11-20 July 2022 & 08-17 August 2022
Even though Iceland's name implies cold, it has become one of the hottest destinations in Europe. Come see for yourself why!

$6500 per person

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Exotic Tours
Avra Imperial Beach Resort Hotel, Crete
10-17 August & 17-24 August 2022
Combining simplicity with luxury and innovation, the 5 star Avra Imperial Hotel stands for excellent facilities and impeccable services. Sit back and enjoy a remarkable choice of facilities created to provide a unique sense of hospitality for the whole family

1700 Euro per person

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Exotic Tours
Sefardi Jewish Heritage: Spain & Portugal
05-15 september 2022
Get ready for the ultimate Mediterranean getaway! See for yourself what is drawing tourists to this destination more than any other Western European region!

$6950 per person

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Exotic Tours
The Ultimate Scottish Whisky Tour, Scotland. Family & Private Group Tours
11-15 September, 2022
The perfect adventure for a kosher whisky enthusiast! Experience an authentic, in-depth tour of Scotland’s whisky scene.

$2200 per person

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Exotic Tours
Intriguing Dubai & Abu Dhabi Tour, UAE Family & Private Group Tours
15-21 November 2022 & 20-26 December 2022 [Chanuka Tour]
Experience Dubai & Abu Dhabi featuring the biggest, glitziest, richest, and most glamorous sights in the world!

$3000 per person

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Exotic Tours
Authentic Havana Tour, Cuba
20-25 November 2022 & 15-20 January 2022 [Yeshivah Week]
Experience Havana, Cuba and discover for yourself why this enigmatic Caribbean island creates such a compelling narrative.

$2900 per person

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Exotic Tours
Luxury Tuscany, Italy
28 November - 5 December 2022

$5500 per person

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Exotic Tours
Magic of The Imperial Cities, Morocco
05-14 December 2022
From its fascinating mix of ancient traditions to breathtaking scenery and rich Jewish history, the magic of Morocco is sure to stay with you forever.

$3600 per person

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Exotic Tours
India The Golden Triangle
02-12 January 2023
Discover the wonders of India’s Golden Triangle region along with its rich Jewish history. Your trip to India is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime.

$3500 per person

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Exotic Tours
Jewish Heritage Journey, Latvia & Lithuania
19-24 April 2023
Step back in time to what was once the center of Jewish life in Europe, Latvia & Lithuania. Take a deep dive into the most important sites of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, and get a glimpse into the modern-day reality of these classic cities.

$2600 per person

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Exotic Tours
Fascinating Tour to Japan
08-17 May 2023
Explore a culture steeped in constant contrast including ancient temples nestled alongside modern skyscrapers and samurai castles scattered throughout bustling cities.

$5500 per person

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