Let Our Experienced, World-renowned chefs cook Pesach for you!

No need to slave away in your kitchen

No need to make a mess and clean for hours

No need to spend all day shopping for ingredients

Order from our Delicous Take-Out Menu!

World-Renowned Chefs

Have gourment Kosher Pesach food from our top rated chefs, delivered to your door!

Strictly Kosher

Our Food is Glatt Kosher, Non- Gebrokts, Kitniyot free, and under the Hechsher of Rabbi Yakov Geluskin. 

Celebrate Freedom

Make this Pesach hassle-free. Save yourself the trouble of shopping for ingredients, and slaving away in your kitchen. Order from our Pesach Menu and have it all delivered. 

How Can I Order?

Order Online

You can order directly through our website by clicking the button below and filling out the order form. We’ll call you to confirm your order. 

Order By Phone, Fax Or Email

If you would like to order by phone, fax or email, you can download our menu by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions, please call 054-673-6642