Kosher Travelers – Magic of Morocco Day 8

Kosher Travelers Magic of Morocco

Day 8: Marrakesh City

“The Red City” or the “Pearl of the South” are but two of the names given to Marrakesh, the most beautiful city in Morocco.

Today we explored the city center and had free time to visit the lively markets. We passed through the Melah, and stopped by the Koutoubia Mosque, visited a Berber pharmacy, Spice Shop, and the Bahia Palace & Gardens.

We toured the “medina” the market quarter of the city. The market is a mass of colors, voices and smells, a polyglot of all the treasures that exist in this country. The “medina” is divided according to the type of product: an area for silver houses silversmiths and silver dealers, while gold is dealt with in a different area, and rows upon rows of stalls sell leather, copper, and jewelry.

Afterward, we had the option to visit the brand new YSL Fashion Museum dedicated to the life and work of French icon Yves Saint Laurent. While, others continued shopping in the markets and made their way back to the Hotel, and relaxed by the gorgeous pool & gardens.

We ate a delicious dinner at the Kosher Restaurant at our hotel Grand Mogador Menara Marrakech – Luxury Hotel

Have you visited the new YSL Museum?

Kosher Travelers Magic of Morocco Day 8