Israel's Ultimate Food & Wine Tour Series

Exclusive wine tours of the magnificent Israeli food & wine landscape in all parts of the country led by wine enthusiast David M. Weinberg
25-27 June 2023
3 days $1200 per person


Exclusive wine tours of the magnificent Israeli food & wine landscape in all parts of the country led by wine enthusiast David M. Weinberg. 

Upper Galilee Post-Pesach, 16-18 April 
Dalton, Galil, Lueria, Netofa, Recanati, Tulip wineries
Central Israel Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 25-27 June  
Bat Shlomo, Ben-Haim, Binyamina, Carmel, Tishbi, Vitkin wineries

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Departure / Arrival Time 
Meet up at Glasgow Airport, Scotland
Set off for Stirling Castle where we will have a chance to appreciate one of the most historically significant castles where several Scottish kings and queens were crowned, including Mary Queen of Scots. The castle grounds include buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries as well as more “modern” additions from the 18th century. Our journey will take us close to the Wallace Monument and the Stirling Bridge. These destinations both commemorate Scottish hero Sir William Wallace who fought against the English with much success until eventually paying the ultimate price when captured by the English in the early 14th century. Following Stirling, we will head in a north-easterly direction towards the ancient town of Perth. Then we will continue to the serene countryside villages that comprise the area where our special historic manor sits.
Dewar’s World of Whisky,Tay Forest Park, Blair Castle
Following breakfast, we will set off for our first distillery – Dewar’s World of Whisky. En route, we will pass the Tay Forest Park as we follow the river Tay upstream towards the town of Aberfeldy. First founded in the late 19th century, Dewar’s is renowned for its smooth blended whisky and was among the very first distilleries to develop overseas markets and export whisky legally. The distillery, now referred to as the Dewar’s-Aberfeldy distillery, is set among the highest mountains of Perthshire at a point where they meet the deepest lochs in the region. The Aberfeldy is a single malt mainly used and sold to the blending market, including Dewar’s, in addition to its signature 12-year-old malt. Following a picnic lunch, we will leave for a short trip up towards the famous Queen’s View via Tummel Bridge where we will take a walk and enjoy more breath-taking scenery. We will continue to a full tour of Blair Castle – a location steeped in history from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Victoria; the tales of dukes and earls and the fates of clans have all been touched and affected by this extraordinary structure. The castle has been used as a site for filming many TV productions, including “Victoria” in 2017.
Village of Killin via the Edradour distillery
Following breakfast, we will make our way to the village of Killin via Edradour Distillery. This boutique distillery has the distinction of being the smallest in Scotland and comes highly recommended – punching well above its weight. We will visit the Falls of Dochart, taking a short walk around the village watching the falls as they flow towards Scotland’s longest river – the Tay. The afternoon will be devoted to your choice of sports activities such as cycling, fishing, shooting, golf, or hiking. We will meet up and return together to our special abode. Following dinner and before retiring, there will be an optional outing to hear some local live music or a games competition within the manor including the billiard room.
Dalwhinnie, Menzies castle
We will travel northwest towards the old military road to Dalwhinnie. Set at the highest altitude, this classic malt distillery is situated on the southern edge of Inverness-shire. Offering some interesting new range of products, we will tour and taste our way through the highlights of this iconic distillery. On our way south, we will travel via the Braes of Foss, skirting the famous Munro Schiehallion, before arriving at the renowned Menzies Castle. Here we will tour the ancient edifice and, weather permitting, also stroll through the famous walled garden. On the way back we will travel to Dunkeld and offer the possibility of walking the famous Hermitage Woodland walk, for those keen on a good hike (weather dependent). Following a final dinner together, a special, prize-carrying whisky-tasting competition will take place!
Perth, Edinburgh
Following our last breakfast and check-out, we will head south via the quaint town of Perth towards Edinburgh. On our way to Auld Reekie (Edinburgh), we will take in more of the East Lothian coastline and enjoy the view of the famous Forth Road Bridge. Once in Edinburgh, we will take in some of the many prominent features of the Scottish capital, which have catapulted it to the much-coveted status of “the best city to live in, in the world” (Arcadis, Global Consultancy, December 2018). There is much to be related to and plenty to see in this wonderful city. Among other places of interest, we will tour the renowned Princes Street, the Walter Scott monument, and the Scottish Parliament building, have a glimpse of Arthur’s Seat, take a peek at Holyrood House, and of course, leave time for the famous Royal Mile. The city, which is steeped in history and boasts tremendous cultural activities, also produced many famous personalities, such as author Robert Louis Stevenson, poet Sir Walter Scott, inventor Alexander Graham Bell, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and actor Sean Connery. We will discover some of the very paths along which they walked. There will be free time for souvenir purchasing as well as general browsing and photo ops with the many kilt-attired, bagpipe-playing, locals. A healthy stroll up the Royal Mile towards the plaza of Edinburgh castle is recommended. We will set off for Edinburgh airport at 14:30 (2:30 pm) for departing flights.
Tour Itinerary

Dear Kosher Travelers,

We are looking forward to hosting you on our upcoming Food & Wine Tour 2023 Series. We have planned for you an exciting, tantalizing, and uplifting program that will surpass your gastronomic expectations and introduce you to some of Israel’s finest wines.

We’re thrilled that you will be joining us.

Together with our resident wine expert and world affairs commentator, David M. Weinberg, we will be with you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us in advance of the tour with any special needs. Please carefully review the recommendations and guidelines below.

Chana & David Walles

What's included?


Exclusive educational tours of the magnificent Israeli wine landscape in all parts of the country led by wine enthusiast David M. Weinberg

 Led by Wine Enthusiast David M. Weinberg


  • Comprehensive wine education in English with guided tastings at Israel’s finest wineries
  • Hotel breakfasts, lunches at boutique wineries, meat and wine dinners
  • Strategic tours, Jewish heritage walks, and Torah talks led by an acclaimed scholar and accredited wine connoisseur
  • Based at high-end resort hotels for one or two nights
  • NIS 4,000 per person (three-day tours)
  • Hosted and guided by wine expert David M. Weinberg.
  • A high-end oenology extravaganza limited to only 25 participants.
Kashrut Information

Kosher Travelers is committed to providing all meals and wines of the highest quality and under the strict kosher supervision of the Rabbanut of the State of Israel. 

International Flights & Global Travel, Health & Luggage Insurance
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance covering trip cancellation, medical emergencies and luggage is mandatory at the time of reservation.
  • Israeli Citizens; Kosher Travelers recommends Egert & Cohen Insurance. Contact Tali +972-2-622-7999 ext. 125 or 052-769-9406 or You may also sign up for insurance online at
  • USA & Canadian Citizens; Kosher Travelers recommends Ph Josh: 18005782871
  • Arrangements and cost of International flights are not included. We recommend the following Travel & Flight Consultants
  • We recommend the following Travel & Flight Consultants
  • PJ - Tag Travel Tel: +9722-6234131
  • Ruth Berman of Ofakim +97225362163 or
  • KOSHER TRAVELERS CANCELLATION FEES AND REFUNDS POLICY:If guest cancels their reservation the following cancellation fees apply:
    • 90 days prior a full refund is payable less $100 admin. per person
    • 45-90 days prior a full refund is payable less $500 per room
    • Within 45 days there is no refund.
    • If government-imposed lockdown of hotel or airport full refund less $100 admin. per person

What kind of crowd should I expect?

The common denominator of our clients is Shomer Shabbat and kashrut. There are no religious level criteria to join our tours, and we won't ask you any questions about your religious observance. We attract a diverse group of Jewish, English-speaking guests from across the globe, and encourage an accepting atmosphere among group members. 

At Kosher Travelers, we’re passionate about travel. Like you, we believe in opening yourself up to new experiences and breathtaking vistas that will forever expand who you are and how you see the world.

Discover That’s why we put so much care into giving our customers not just a vacation but a life-changing experience. On a Kosher Travelers tour, you can be confident that every detail will be taken care of, from A to Z. No worries, no stress – just sheer delight and the freedom to fully enjoy every moment.

Enrich... We know what’s important to you. You want not just memorable, but meaningful. A pampering, deluxe, full-sensory experience that also has depth and spirituality. That’s why we bring the Jewish dimension to our tours, wherever in the world they are and provide the highest level of kashrut and all the amenities required for the kosher traveler.

Connect... Most importantly, when you travel with Kosher Tours, you travel with family. We take pride in creating a family dynamic among our group members. Lifelong friendships have been formed on our tours!

Come experience for yourself the magic of a Kosher Travelers Tour!

Discover. Enrich. Connect. And give yourself the gift of a lifetime.

Israel's Ultimate Israel Food & Wine Tour

The Ultimate Israel Food & Wine Tour

The tour is perfect for couples, Singles fathers/sons, and good friends willing to share on a twin basis. The entire tour will be in English

Israel's top Kosher culinary

We have planned an exciting, tantalizing, and uplifting program that will surpass your gastronomic expectations and introduce you to some of Israel’s finest wines.

Israel's Best Wineries

We are looking forward to hosting you on these series of Ultimate Israel Food & Wine Tour. We’re thrilled that you will be joining us!

Together with our resident wine expert and strategic affairs guide, David M. Weinberg, we will be with you every step of the way



Pricing is based per person on a double occupancy basis.
Single supplement: $100

Deposit, Cancellation Fees & Policy:

There is a 500NIS per person deposit required to confirm your reservation. If the tour is canceled because a minimum number of participants was not reached, you will receive a FULL refund. Please see our full terms & conditions page for more details. 

David M. Weinberg

Mr. Weinberg is an inspirational educator who combines strategic and political insight with learned Jewish perspectives. He is a diplomatic, defense, political, and Jewish world columnist for The Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom newspapers, a prominent lecturer on public affairs, and an accredited expert on Israeli and kosher wines.

He studied international relations and history at the University of Toronto and Bar-Ilan University; Jewish law and thought at Yeshivat Hakotel under Rabbi Chaim Yeshayahu Hadari, and at Yeshivat Har Etzion under Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein; and oenology at the London-based International Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the world’s leading institute for qualifying sommeliers.

Since moving to Israel in 1990, he has served in several public positions. Among other, he was senior advisor to then-Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky and founding coordinator of the Global Forum against Anti-Semitism in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. He is married to Bonnie with six children and five grandchildren. His op-ed columns over the past 25 years are archived at

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