Norway Fjords aboard ms Nieuw Statendam, HAL

Norway Fjords - Discover and explore magnificent nature at the best time of year. If you have not cruised the Norway Fjords, you have not yet cruised!
28 May-08 June 2023
$4350 per person

Nieuw Statendam

LENGTH975 ft.
WIDTH114.8 ft.

Fluid lines and dramatic spaces make the Holland America Nieuw Statendam a modern beauty. The second in the line of Pinnacle-class cruise ships, its design draws inspiration from the elegant curves of musical instruments. When not relaxing in well-appointed suites or staterooms, guests will have a multitude of innovative dining and entertainment options—from Rudi’s Sel de Mer to Nami Sushi to the Rolling Stone Rock Room, B.B. King’s Blues Club, and the visually stunning two-level World Stage.


With Kosher Travelers it's not just a vacation - it's a lifelong experience



Cruise Itinerary
Departure / Arrival Time 
May 28
Amsterdam Ijmuiden
Departure 5pm
May 29
Cruising at Sea
May 30
Ulvik, Hardangerfjord
Arrival 7am, Depart 3pm
May 31
Molde, Sognefjord
Arrival 8am, Depart 4pm
June 01
Arrival 8am, Depart 4pm
June 02
Arrival 7am, Depart 5pm
June 03
Arrival 7am, Depart 5pm
June 04
Arrival 7am, Depart 5pm
June 05
Arrival 8am, Depart 5pm
June 06
Arrival 7am, Depart 5pm
June 07
Arhus, Denmark
Arrival 10am, Depart 7pm
June 08
Copenhagen, Denmark
Disembark 7am
What's included?

What is included

  • Three delicious kosher meals, prepared fresh daily
  • Complimentary packed lunch options for shore excursions
  • Kosher Traveler’s exclusive weekday program and Shabbat program
  • Daily minyan with Sefer Torah
  • An exclusive kosher dining restaurant area
  • Guest speakers, and more...

What's not included:

  • Airport Transfers
  • International flights to arrive at the cruise starting point
  • Shore excursions.
  • Travel insurance - comprehensive travel & health insurance is compulsory.
  • Staff Gratuities
Kashrut Information

About our Kosher Cruises

Combined we are the world’s leading Kosher Tour operator with over 30 years experience, having satisfied thousands of Clients from USA, Israel, France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK , Mexico, Australia, South Africa on dozens of Cruises. We provide four gourmet meals a day in our own separate area of the dining room. All our meals are freshly prepared under the Management of  our Executive Chefs aboard each ship.

The Kashrut is Glatt Mehadrin under the strict Supervision of Rabbi Nechemia Rottenberg Raised in Jerusalem and educated at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. After his marriage, he studied at the Beit Midrash of Horaah at the “Kol Ya’akov” Yeshiva, as well as with the Rishon LeZion, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, z”l He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Rabbi Nehemiah Rotenberg came to Vienna to serve as Rabbi in the community in 2002. During his tenure as Rabbi, he was the head of the “Zehut” Beit Midrash, and during his work in the community he dealt extensively in matters of Kashrus as a representative of many Batai Din (בד”ץ) around the world. Before 2002, while living in Israel he has dealt with kashrus issues and ran a weekly radio program on kashrus. During the past decade Rabbi Rotenberg’s main specialty is turning hotels throughout Europe to be able to provide food of the highest Kashrus level for Pesach and the summer months. Kashrus of a hotel is a distinct job and requires much expertise in the field, familiarity with the industrial kitchens, the form of Kashering an industrial kitchen, and of course extensive knowledge of kosher food products in Europe. His Kashrut team are all hand picked and well versed with many years of experience. Rabbi Rothenberg has spent many years developing the community Kosher list in Vienna for hundreds of food products sold in large retail chains throughout the Europe. This knowledge is very important and gives hotel operators in Europe the ability to bring local products and not need to import from Israel or the USA. His Kashrut experience has further expanded into the Kosher Cruises and he the Rav Hamachshir for Kosher Travelers cruise packages. Rabbi Rotenberg works throughout the year to obtain Kosher meat and poultry throughout Europe at the highest kosher level, at the best price. For every shechita Rabbi Rotenberg sends a special overseer on his behalf in reservation to ensure that the shipment of meat from the start will arrive at the hotel with the utmost supervision.   Rabbi Rottenberg currently serves as part time Rabbi of Savion community in Israel # Further enquiries pls contact Rabbi Nechemia Rottenberg on +972 584038543 / +436889171489 or

Let us pamper you with our freshly prepared cuisine by renowned chefs, cooked from start to finish on board and entirely from fresh ingredients. From casual hot & cold buffets to elegant glatt kosher dining in our ocean view restaurant with choices sure to please those with even the most discerning tastes. Expect fine china, crisp linens, fine glassware and cutlery, and sheer elegance through which you will enjoy a glatt kosher dining experience at sea.To compliment the three delightful meals, there are also afternoon and late night snacks to tempt your palate. You will enjoy the Glatt kosher cuisine of uncompromising quality and strict kashrut standards. All meat is Glatt kosher and milk products are Chalav Yisrael. Our on-board Kosher kitchen is under the full time supervision of a team of mashgichim, headed by our cruise Rav HaMachshir.

International Flights & Global Travel, Health & Luggage Insurance
      • Comprehensive Travel Insurance covering trip cancellation, medical emergencies and luggage is mandatory at the time of reservation.
      • Israeli Citizens; Kosher Travelers recommends Egert & Cohen Insurance. Contact Tali +972-2-622-7999 ext. 125 or 052-769-9406 or You may also sign up for insurance online at
      • USA & Canadian Citizens; Kosher Travelers recommends Ph Josh: 18005782871
      • Arrangements and cost of International flights are not included.
      • We recommend the following Travel & Flight Consultants
      • PJ - Tag Travel Tel: +9722-6234131
      • Ruth Berman of Ofakim +97225362163 or
      • KOSHER TRAVELERS CANCELLATION FEES AND REFUNDS POLICY:If guest cancels their reservation the following cancellation fees apply:
        • 90 days prior a full refund is payable less $100 admin. per person
        • 45-90 days prior a full refund is payable less $500 per room
        • Within 45 days there is no refund.
        • If government-imposed lockdown of hotel or airport full refund less $100 admin. per person

What kind of crowd should I expect?

What type of crowd should I expect?

The common denominator of our clients is Shomer Shabbat and kashrut. There are no religious level criteria to join our tours, cruises or hotel programs  and we won't ask you any questions about your religious observance. We attract a diverse group of Jewish, English-speaking guests from across the globe, and encourage an accepting atmosphere among our group members.

At Kosher Travelers, we’re passionate about travel. Like you, we believe in opening yourself up to new experiences and breathtaking vistas that will forever expand who you are and how you see the world.

Discover… That’s why we put so much care into giving our customers not just a vacation but a life-changing experience. On a Kosher Travelers tour, you can be confident that every detail will be taken care of, from A to Z. No worries, no stress – just sheer delight and the freedom to fully enjoy every moment.

Enrich... We know what’s important to you. You want not just memorable, but meaningful. A pampering, deluxe, full-sensory experience that also has depth and spirituality. That’s why we bring the Jewish dimension to our tours, wherever in the world they are and provide the highest level of kashrut and all the amenities required for the kosher traveler.

Connect... Most importantly, when you travel with Kosher Tours, you travel with family. We take pride in creating a family dynamic among our group members. Lifelong friendships have been formed on our tours!

Come experience for yourself the magic of a Kosher Travelers Tour!

Discover. Enrich. Connect. And give yourself the gift of a lifetime.

  • Cyborg Peper robots to greet and guide
  • Casino
  • Theater
  • 3 swimming pools
  • 5 jacuzzis plus spa
  • Club Squok is the ship’s kids’ facility
  • Teens area
  • Toddler pool
  • Mini-jungle gym

Besides the ship’s staff and crew, Costa cruise passengers are also served by Peper robots – the latest cyborg technology implemented fleetwide in 2016. These humanoid robots greet and guide passengers upon embarkation. They also assist them throughout the cruise by providing information and tips on onboard dining, entertainment, enrichment program (workshops, pre-scheduled events), casino and shopping promotions, shore excursions and tours. Pepper robots are mobile and communicate in 3 languages (English, German, Italian). They can also interpret human emotions by analyzing voice tones and facial expressions.

Costa Fortuna was designed by Carnival ships design-master Joe Farcus. What passengers get is a pan-European voyage mixed with the comforts of the American style. Fortuna cruise ship provides a casino, theater, 3 swimming pools, and 5 jacuzzis plus SPA. Club Squok is the ship’s kids’ facility. Teens have their own area next door. Club Squok counselors involve kids in various events, so activities are wide-spread. There is also a toddler pool area with a mini-jungle gym.


Inside Stateroom

Inside Staterooms are the most affordable way to cruise. Ideal for anyone looking for Cabins that are stylish and comfortable at a good price.
$4350 incl Taxes & Port Charges

Ocean View Window Stateroom

Ocean View Window Staterooms are a very comfortable way to cruise. Ideal for anyone looking for Cabins that are stylish and comfortable
$5100 incl Taxes & Port Charges

Balcony Premium Stateroom

Balcony Premium Staterooms are the luxury way to cruise. Ideal for anyone looking for Cabins that are stylish with a sea view facing Balcony
$5750 incl Taxes & Port Charges

Suite Balcony Stateroom

Suite Balcony Staterooms are the most luxury way to cruise. Ideal for anyone looking for Cabins that are stylish, have the extra space with a sea view facing Balcony
$7,000 incl Taxes & Port Charges
  • Deposit, Cancellation Fees & Policy:There is a $1000 per person deposit required to confirm your reservation. If the tour is canceled because a minimum number of participants was not reached, you will receive a FULL refund.

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