Malta & Sicily Premium Tour

Located at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa, these glittering gems of the south Mediterranean offer a fascinating mix of cultural and architectural traditions from both regions.
Malta & Sicily
15-29 May 2022
$6675 per person

Malta & Sicily Premium Tour

Discover the two glittering gems of the south Mediterranean Sea: Malta and Sicily. Located at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa, these islands offer a fascinating mix of cultural and architectural traditions from both regions. In Malta, you will visit the UNESCO Hagar Qim temples and explore the ancient Jewish quarter of Birgu. We will start our tour of Italy with visits to quaint Baroque countryside villages, following an overnight ferry ride. Beyond its stunning green landscapes and dramatic lookout points, Sicily is home to several rich Jewish heritage sites. You will visit synagogues dating back centuries as well as the old Jewish quarters in Palermo, Taormina, and Ortigia. Malta and Sicily’s ancient ruins, unique cityscapes, Jewish historical sites, and breathtaking natural beauty make them incredibly rewarding to explore. Join us for a tour that is sure to remain in your heart long after you return home.

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Departure / Arrival Time 
April 25
Arrival Malta, Hagar Qim, Marsaxlokk & Mdina
April 26
Valletta, Malta
April 27
Modica, Ragusa & Noto UNESCO World Heritage Sites
April 28
Taormina & Boat Ride to Isola Bella
April 29
Mount Etna & Catania
April 30
May 1
May 2
Villa Romana & Chefalu
May 3
May 4
Agrigento & The Valley of the Temples
May 5
Erice & Mazara
May 6
Island of Mozia & Marsala
May 7
Dello Zingaro Nature Park
May 8
May 9
Departure & Transfer to Palermo Airport

Day 1, Sunday: Malta, Hagar Qim, Marsaxlokk, & Mdina

  • Arrive in Malta and check-in at the hotel.
  • Explore UNESCO Hagar Qim Temples and visitor’s center.
  • Tour Rabat, including St Paul’s Catacombs and St Paul’s Grotto.
  • Visit Mdina, once the capital of Malta, and known as the “Silent City” since it inspires tranquility at any time of the day or night.

Day 2, Monday: Valletta, Malta

  • Enjoy a harbor cruise in the Grand Harbor.
  • Tour the Jewish quarter.
  • Walk through Colacchio, Inquisitor’s Palace, Main Square, and the elegant Birgu Waterfront.
  • Take the Valletta walking tour starting at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, past St John’s Cathedral, Grandmaster’s Palace, down to Jews’ Sally Port, and ending at Virtu Terminal.
  • Relax on the ferry to Pozzallo, Sicily.
  • Overnight stay at the five-star Borgo Don Chisciotte Resort & Spa or equivalent.

Day 3, Tuesday: Modica, Ragusa, & Noto UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Explore the south-eastern part of the island starting with a walking tour of the town of Modica.
  • Experience the Modica chocolate factory - world-famous chocolate under the Kashrut of Rav Piperno, of southern Italy.
  • Tour Ragusa - a hilltop city in the southeast of Sicily.
  • Discover the Baroque town of Noto.
  • Overnight stay at the five-star Taormina Sicily Hotel or equivalent.

Day 4, Wednesday: Taormina & Boat Ride to Isola Bella

  • Tour the remains of Taormina’s Golden Age, including the Greek theatre, Roman “Naumachia,” 10th-century palazzo, and an ancient 13th-century cathedral.
  • Visit Taormina’s Jewish quarter and enjoy shopping in its boutique shops.
  • Enjoy a fabulous two-hour private boat ride along the bay of Taormina and Isola Bella, including a visit to the famous Blue Cave.
  • Overnight stay at the five-star Taormina Sicily Hotel or equivalent.

Day 5, Thursday: Mount Etna & Catania

  • Visit Mount Etna, an active volcano.
  • Tour the area of Piano Provenzana, located 2000 meters above Mount Etna for breathtaking panoramic views of the volcano and the surrounding area.
  • Discover the city of Catania and learn about its rich Jewish history.
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the famous duomo and of Ursino Castle, where two “Menorahs” have been inserted into the castle’s tower.
  • Enjoy some free time to sit in a coffee shop, enjoy some shopping, or visit one of the beautiful museums in the city.
  • Overnight stay at the five-star Taormina Sicily Hotel or equivalent.

Day 6, Friday: Siracusa

  • Visit Siracusa and the Jewish quarter on the island of Ortigia.
  • Visit the catacombs of San Giovanni as well as the crypt of San Marciano, where several Jewish catacombs were explored.
  • Prepare for Shabbos.

Day 7, Shabbat

  • Shabbat program in the hotel.

Day 8, Sunday: Villa Romana & Chefalu

  • Explore the Villa Romana del Casale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a monument of the great historical and artistic value of the late Roman Empire and home to magnificent Roman mosaics.
  • Drive to Cefalu, a fishing town.
  • Visit and explore the small town and its little allies.

Day 9, Monday: Palermo

  • Explore the city of Palermo, including the Jewish quarter.

Day 10, Tuesday: Agrigento & The Valley of the Temples

  • Exploring Agrigento, home of Sicily’s most fascinating archaeological sites.
  • Discover a selection of Greek ruins in the Valley of the Temples.
  • Embark on a stroll through the archaeological complex and take in the overwhelming views as well as the impressive Doric temples.

Day 11, Wednesday: Erice & Mazara

  • Tour Erice, a small mountain-top village containing medieval architecture and overlooking the Tyrrhenian coast, including a walk in the city’s Jewish quarter and exploration of the Jewish tomb that the city still conserves.
  • Taste the almond biscuits that Erice is known for.
  • Enjoy a visit to the beautiful and historical city of Mazara.
  • Visit the Museum of the Dancing Satyr, the duomo, and the Kasbah area.

Day 12, Thursday: Island of Mozia & Marsala

  • Explore the Phoenician island of Mozia.
  • Drive through the Marsala salt pans and visit the Salt Museum.
  • Continue to the city of Marsala for a short visit and exploration of the medieval Tapestries Museum where the Jewish wars are represented.

Day 13, Friday: Dello Zingaro Nature Park

  • Hike in the Dello Zingaro, followed by a boat ride.
  • Prepare for Shabbat.
  • Enjoy Kabbalat Shabbat in our hotel followed by Shabbat dinner.

Day 14, Shabbat

  • Relaxing Shabbat program at the hotel.

Day 15, Sunday

  • Breakfast followed by flights home.
What's included?
  • Fourteen nights of deluxe accommodations.
  • Three delicious kosher meals per day, including packed lunches for day tours.
  • Kosher Mehadrin, with accompanying mashgiach throughout the whole tour.
  • A complete touring itinerary with a local English-speaking guide.
  • Travel in a luxury, air-conditioned coach bus.
  • Kosher Traveler’s exclusive program and a complete Shabbat program (see itinerary below for details).
  • All entrance fees for sites on the tour itinerary.
  • 5-star rated accommodations.
  • Tour price includes our group flight from Barcelona to Granada.

What's not included?

  • International flights - please be in contact with Ronnie Abramson of Ambassador Tours regarding special pricing for international flights to get to the tour's meeting point. Ronnie can be reached at +972-50-531-4500 or
  • Travel insurance - comprehensive travel & health insurance is compulsory.
  • Tips for local guides and service providers, $10 per person/per day.
  • Entry visa if required.
Kashrut information

Kosher Travelers is committed to providing all meals of the highest quality and under strict kosher supervision. We choose the hotels based on the hotel's willingness and ability to accommodate our kashrut needs and/or the proximity to kosher restaurants if available. In countries where such supervision is not available, we have a cook/mashgiach travel with us to supervise kashrut and prepare our meals.

Flight information & insurance
  • Kosher Travelers recommends Egert & Cohen Insurance for your Travel, Health, Luggage & COVID-19 insurance needs. You may contact Tali +972-2-622-7999 ext. 125 or 052-769-9406 or You may also sign up for insurance online at
  • Comprehensive travel insurance covering trip cancellation and medical emergencies is mandatory at the time of reservation.
  • The arrangements and cost of International flights to get to the tour are not included with your reservation. Please be in contact with Ronnie Abramson of Ambassador Tours regarding special pricing for international flights to get to the tour's meeting point. Ronnie can be reached at +972-50-531-4500 or
  • If the tour is canceled because a minimum number of participants was not reached, you will receive a FULL refund.

What kind of crowd should I expect?

The common denominator of our clients is Shomer Shabbat and kashrut. There are no religious level criteria to join our tours, cruises or hotel programs and we won't ask you any questions about your religious observance. We attract a diverse group of Jewish, English-speaking guests from across the globe, and encourage an accepting atmosphere among our group members.

Join Us in Malta & Sicily

Remarkable Landscapes

Soak in the charm and rugged beauty of these islands surrounded by sparkling seas.

Heritage and History

Visit ancient shuls and several Jewish heritage sites. Hear intriguing stories from our knowledgeable tour guide.

Scrumptious Italian Cuisine

Indulge in authentic, Kosher Italian cuisine freshly prepared by our chef!



All tours include comfortable, 4 or 5-star rated accommodations.
$6,675 per person based on Twin-share/double occupancy. Single Supplement: $1,800.

Deposit, Cancellation Fees & Policy:

There is a $500 per person deposit required to confirm your reservation. If the tour is canceled because a minimum number of participants was not reached, you will receive a FULL refund. Please see our full terms & conditions page for more details.

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