In the news: Kosher Travelers Donates Torah to IDF Iron Dome Unit

Iron Dome Anti-Missile
Iron Dome Anti-Missile

Israel National News

“…The joyous dedication ceremony took place on a base in Central Israel on Tuesday in the presence of the outgoing Chief Rabbi of the Israel Air Force, the IAF’s Acting Chief Rabbi Rav David Levin, a Commander of the Iron Dome unit, IYIM Israel President Ceec Harrishburg, IYIM Executive Director Daniel Meyer, Rabbi Eitan Perez of the Iron Dome unit, as well as officers and soldiers. The singing and dancing reached a peak as the Sefer Torah was placed into the empty Aron Hakodesh.

“The scroll was dedicated by Mr. David and Mrs. Chana Walles, family and friends in memory of all the brave IDF soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the defense of Israel on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of their business, Eddies Kosher Travels.”

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