EKT Meets with MK Dov Lipman

Eddie's Kosher Travel with MK Lipman
Eddie’s Kosher Travel CEO David Walles with MK Lipman

As seen on ynetnews.com

Our CEO is at it as usual, standing up for the interests of Jewish travelers. In a meeting this week with MK Dov Lipman, he brought up the issue of the planned new tax on tourists.

Ynetnews reported:

“The government is planning to start imposing an 18% Value Added Tax (VAT) on tourists,” David Walles, CEO of Eddie’s Kosher Travel told The Media Line. “I think it’s a huge mistake.”

Walles said that during the recent Passover holiday, his company brought some 2500 Orthodox Jews from abroad to hotels in Israel for the holiday. That alone generated millions of dollars in money spent in Israel, he said, and imposing VAT could easily deter these visitors.

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