Gershon Veroba at Nof Ginosar Hotel - Pesach 2019

5 Star Pesach Hotel - Kosher Travelers

"Couldn't have been better" - Pesach with Kosher Travelers

Fabulous Pesach Hotel in Croatia - Kosher Travelers

"It was Amazing" - Pesach in Croatia with Kosher Travelers

"Third time in a row with Eddie's Kosher Travel" - Pesach 2019

"A Terrific Pesach Program" - Kosher Travelers Pesach 2019

Pesach 2018 - "warmth of the people"

Pesach 2018 at Hacienda Hotel - "amazing family time"

Pesach 2018 - "absolutely wonderful"

Pesach 2018 in the Galil

Pesach 2018 at Hacienda Hotel - "the grounds are unbelievable"

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