Shabbat Shalom from Dubravnik, Croatia

Shabbat Shalom

We are so excited for Pesach 2019 at the Hotel Bellevue in Losinj, Croatia. Chol Hamoed Pesach is a great time to explore the beautiful Old City of Dubrovnik.         Here are our Top 5 Places to Visit in Dubrovnik: Walls of Dubrovnik – walk the famous city walls. At the top, stop an […]


Sunday Spotlight: Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov

Kosher Travelers

Over 3 million + people have proudly emigrated to the Jewish homeland over the last 70 years. What would you do if you were born in a country that did not allow you to leave?                   In 1970, 14 Jews desperately wanted to make Aliyah from the […]


How to (Enjoy) Traveling With Kids


  Last summer, you had a brilliant idea. “Let’s travel to Israel with our entire family for Pesach.” You could picture the awe on your teenager’s face as she davened for the first time by the Kotel, the Western Wall. The shining face of your toddler as he experienced his first camel ride in the […]


Shabbat Shalom from Nof Ginosar Hotel


Shabbat Shalom from Nof Ginosar     Chol Hamoed Tiyulim For those that are planning Chol Hamoed “tiyulim” make sure to include the Majrasa. The Majrasa is a fantastic water hike located off route 92. A bit of a challenge as walking through the river is a bit rocky. Don’t forget your bathing suit and […]


Tuesday Travel Tips: Croatia


Have you ever traveled to Croatia? Some Kosher Travelers will be headed for Pesach to the Bellevue – one of Croatia’s most luxurious hotels. Travel Tips: Croatia After being treated to a Glatt Kosher LeMehadrin gastronomic experience by the culinary genius Chef Avi Steinmetz. – under the supervision of Rabbi Nahmia Rotenberg shlit’a – Vienna. […]


Tuesday Travel Tips

Chol Hamoed Trip to Planetanya

Dear Kosher Travelers, We are coming for Pesach to the Ramada Suites Hotel. Can you suggest an afternoon activity that our whole family will enjoy? Sincerely,  Organized Traveler Dear Organized Traveler, We are so happy that you will be joining us for Pesach this year. It is impressive that you are planning your trip in […]


Pesach 2012 Diary

EDDIE’S KOSHER TRAVEL & INTERNATIONAL YOUNG ISRAEL MOVEMENT (IYIM) at LEONARDO PLAZA, TIBERIAS By: Yael Ehrenpreis Meyer Friday, Erev Pesach, 1:00 pm: We pulled up in front of the Leonardo Plaza Hotel in Tiberias with just under six hours till Yom Tov. We tumbled out of the car to be greeted by our hosts, Australian […]