The Surprising Benefits of Vacation

Written By: David Walles
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Why an Eddie's Kosher Travel vacation is good for you

Guest post by Missi Davis

Going on vacation with Kosher Travelers can do so much more than merely provide you with a stimulating and/or relaxing experience. Research shows that travel can have unparalleled benefits in all areas of life. Known as the ‘Travel Effect’, foreign vacations can improve your mental wellbeing, your relationships with others, and even your physical health. Far from being a luxury, then, going on an Eddie's Kosher Travel vacation could actually prove to be an investment in your future life (tell that to your insurance plan!).

Strengthening Relationships

Travel is extremely good for building close personal relationships with others – be those romantic, familial, or simply friendly. If your romantic relationship is falling into a rut, removing yourselves from the home environment and going on vacation together can help you to reconnect with each other on a personal level, without the domestic irritations and distractions which may be beginning to obscure the qualities you fell in love with.

Travelling with anyone will give you all something to talk about for the rest of your lives, which can only improve your interactions. Furthermore, the relaxing effect and mental stimulation provided by travel puts people in a positive frame of mind, making for happier communication and an inclination to see the best in others. Shared experiences form a wonderful adhesive by which people may be bound together – especially if those experiences are as positive and enriching as those encountered in foreign climes.

Mental Health Benefits

Perhaps the greatest benefit of travel is the impressive mental health improvements  it can bring. Quite apart from the relaxing effects of travel - which can work wonders for both mind and body - travel lends a sense of distance and perspective which can be enormously valuable to those struggling to balance their mental state. Far from being an escapist solution, temporarily distancing yourself from your problems can actually help to resolve them. Getting away from your environment and personal issues can give you an opportunity to view your life from the outside, so to speak, and gain a wider perspective from which to consider your issues - as well as the space and time in which to do so.

Furthermore, travel can help people to develop a great sense of self. Being removed from the familiarity of your comfort zone and exposed to new situations gives you an often surprising insight into the manner in which you approach life. This usually brings about positive self-revelations, which can be particularly helpful to those undergoing treatment for substance abuse. Learning that you are perfectly capable of coping with and even enjoying life without the aid of alcohol, drugs, comfort foods and so forth can be extremely empowering, and bring about lasting positive change both to your mental state and your overall lifestyle.

Physical Benefits

Travel is even good for your physical health. Although people may remember the groaning restaurant tables of previous vacations and raise their eyebrows at this fact – travel can in fact help you to lose weight, improve your activity levels, and even aid your diet in more ways than you would have thought possible. Even if you choose to chill on a relaxing cruise, the impetus to get the absolute most out of your experience means you’re still likely to be getting in more physical activity than you would if stagnating at your office chair or on your sofa. Ever notice you haven't gain weight on vacation even though you ate like a horse? It must be all that extra happiness burning off those calories.

Travel also exposes you to the cuisine of new cultures, which will broaden your culinary horizons and possibly improve your diet. Adding more variety to your diet will make it much healthier and give you more options to choose from, making you less likely to fall back on unhealthy standbys. There's no telling what fabulous new recipe you might come across while you're away.

An All-Round Excellent Idea

If you feel that your life needs a new direction, that you’re becoming stagnant, or stuck in a rut, going on a kosher vacation could be just the catalyst to bring about that much-needed positive change.  Whether it’s sharing a traveling experience to strengthen your bond with a loved one, or just taking some much needed personal time and space for yourself, the undisputed benefits of travel can work the miracle you need, allowing you to return to your life refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy and with valuable new insights which will help you along your way.

But really, do we even need an excuse?

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