Packing Tips Your Mother Never Told You: How to Fit Everything Into the Suitcase

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Orderly Suitcase

Orderly suitcase for a worry-free vacation

By Chana Walles, Operations Manager at Eddie’s Kosher Travel
[and highly experienced traveling mom]

Wondering how you can possibly fit all your stuff into that suitcase? Use these tricks of the trade:

  • Before I go on a cruise I work out exactly what I am going to wear for each day and each evening. I lay out all my clothes on my bed or hang them on the door and make a list per day. Then I check that each outfit has all the relevant pieces and accessories. I find that by doing this, I do not over pack or forget a part of my wardrobe.
  • Place the largest of your folded clothing at the bottom of your suitcase and work your way up with the folded garments. Stuff all gaps with rolled up pajamas, undershirts or any clothing you don't mind getting creased.
  • All my hanging clothes are hung on light wire hangers. I try to fit 3 skirts per light skirt hanger, then I wrap 4-5 outfits/dresses in a dry-cleaning bag. This helps prevent prevent creases. After all my folded items and shoes are in the suitcase, the hanging clothes go in last. When I reach my destination, I give them a quick shake and hang them up. Using this method, clothing usually travels fine with no ironing required.

Be sure to check the weather for your intended travel destination. It will make a huge difference to your packing needs. Now that you have everything in order, you're ready to enjoy your vacation worry-free!

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